You’ve probably seen these new terms on social media and websites but you may be confused about what they mean, and ultimately what they are. In this article we investigate and explain why they might be of interest to you and how to use them.

All three terms are essentially the same thing!

What is a Boro Vape?

A new term in the world of vaping is “Boro”. It’s all the rage in the world of rebuildables as the market looks to evolve once again. “Boro” comes from the name of a particular type of material called Borosilicate Glass which was adopted by “Billet Boxes” for use in the tanks.

The term “Billet Box” is actually a brand name for an AIO (All-In-One) device in which all of the components of the vape fit inside a box called a “mod”. Mods are nothing new, and even Billet Boxes have been around for roughly a decade now. But why are they coming back into fashion all of a sudden?

The reason for the re-emergence of these AIO devices is obscure, but we have it down to the following:

  • Value
  • Versatility
  • Compatibility
  • Reliability

In a market that has been completely and utterly dominated by single-use, throw-away devices, vapers have become wary of the cost of convenience and many are now turning back to more sustainable options to save money. Not only this but there is something to be said regarding the satisfaction of installing your own coils, wicking correctly and using E-Liquid of your choice.

Boro Vape kits are attractive, compact, versatile, and cost-effective in the long run. The possibilities are near-endless.

What does a Boro Vape kit look like?

Ahh, straight to the point! Here’s some images to show you what they look like.

Veepon Tita X Boro Vape Kit AIO

Veepon Tita X

Tita X by Veepon with the RBA deck installed

Stubby AIO

Suicide Mods Stubby AIO

Featuring a huge tank and wire wicks. Just look at that capacity!

Tita X Bridge

Tita X RBA

Coil and cotton wick installed

Essentially a Boro Vape kit features everything a vape needs in just about the best way possible. Boro Kits feature huge tanks which can hold much more E-Liquid than most sub-ohm tanks and certainly more than any pod kit, with a huge range of Bridges (this is the part that holds the coil, sitting inside the tank itself).

Boro/AIO components

Lets break it down into simple terms. A Boro Vape kit consists of the following:

  • Box mod
  • Tank
  • Battery (Various sizes possible e.g. 18650 & 21700)
  • RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer (sometimes called a bridge if it’s interchangeable)
  • Drip Tip (Mouthpiece)

A Look at Boro Box Mods

The vape device itself is rectangular in shape hence it’s name “box”. The term Boro has recently been used to describe the entire kit but we’ll investigate each component separately so there’s no confusion. The actual device itself is more complex in it’s design than the traditional non-boro box mod. This is because everything has to fit inside it, including the battery, tank, bridge and all electrical components.

After some brief googling, you’ll find that most Boro mods can be EXPENSIVE, at least compared with pod kits and most sub-ohm devices. Not to worry though, there are always more affordable options available. The mod itself is built to take any compatible Boro tank which means you’re free to choose your own, as well as a bridge of your choice too. This is where Boro kits shine – in their unrivalled versatility and compatibility.

A look at Boro Tanks

A Boro Tank sits neatly inside the box mod so it’s totally concealed – whilst the “bridge” sits inside the tank itself holding the coil. Boro Tanks are often designed to be interchangeable so you can use one model in a box mod it wasn’t made for, and the same goes for the bridges.

Suicide Mods Crypt Tank Toxic Green

Suicide Mods Crypt tank

Designed for the Ether Boro Kit

The Crypt tank by Suicide mods features a a 2ml capacity and is designed for use with the Ether Boro kit and other BB REV4 compatible devices. This tank houses the Ether Boro RBA (not shown) – so wicking is rarely if ever a problem if done correctly.

Kylin M Boro Tank by Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape Kylin M Tank

Kylin's great addition to the Boro game

Vandy Vape – once a huge name in the vaping world. Their niche (rebuildables) shrank significantly due to the demand for disposables and other more convenient devices. Nevertheless their Boro tank is exceptional and features a Mesh coil deck.

Suicide Mods Stubby Tank in Blue

Stubby Tank by Suicide Mods

RDTA & Tank

The enormous Stubby tank by Suicide Mods. Featuring an insane 8.7ml capacity and an RDTA style setup, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to jump down the proverbial rabbit hole that is Boro. Designed for use in the Stubby Boro Kit.

A look at Boro Bridges

When talking about Boro Bridges, we’re talking about the part that houses the coil and wick. Confusingly, they’re sometimes just called Boro RBAs (rebuildable atomizers) but the term “bridge” is meant to denote an RBA made by company A, to fit in a tank made by company B. This is just a clever way for a company to make money off the back of another’s original creation.

The Vapeshell by Atmizoo for Billet box rev4 boro tank

Vapeshell by Atmizoo

Designed for the Billet box rev4 Boro tank

The Vapeshell RBA by Atmizoo. Precision machined components featuring a spacious build deck & juice wells. This is a single-coil RBA designed to be used in the Billet Box rev4 Boro tank and other compatible systems

BrijG2 by JG

Brijg2 by JG

Allows the use of Voopoo Vinci coils, Vaporesso GTX coils, Wotofo Manik pod coils and more!

A true coil bridge for Boro tanks. This great little device allows you to use more standard coils like the VM series by Voopoo and the GTX series by Vaporesso. Simply plug in your choice of coils and you’re ready to go!

Tita X Boro RBA

Tita X RBA by Veepon

For the Tita AIO kit

The Tita X by Veepon. A popular bridge for Boro tanks featuring a big single-coil deck – excellent for MTL vaping with generous flavour production depending on the coil used.

So how does a Boro kit work?

A Boro vape kit works the same way as any other vape kit – just with more bells & whistles. Put simply, a battery provides power to a heating coil which is fed E-Liquid by the wicking material inside it (cotton usually), the E-Liquid is then atomised (turned into vapour) by the coil so it can be inhaled.

The Bridge or RBA sits inside the Boro tank, which in turn sits inside the actual kit itself (the mod). Since everything is housed in the mod, they’re often referred to as AIOs – All In One. The subject of Boro kits gets confusing because of the sheer number of products available, the jargon used to describe each and the compatibility available.

Many Boro bridges and RBAs are rebuildable, which means you have the freedom of installing your own coil & wick, whilst some (like the Brijg2 shown above) are designed to take premade coils like the Voopoo VM coil series. If you’re new to vaping, the rebuildables or RBAs for short, are probably not suitable unless you’re really determined to take things into your own hands – be prepared for some trial & error, followed by real satisfaction once you get it right.


From left: Tita X RBA, Tita Boro Tank, Tita X AIO kit. All by Veepon

What’s the benefit of a Boro kit?

Boro kits offer the best features all in one kit. They’re compact, versatile, customizable, aesthetic and just a lot of fun. Don’t be put off by their complexity or the thought of having to rebuild. It’s not as hard to wrap your head around as you might think.

It’s no surprise that we at Drip Hacks are big fans of rebuildables and so we’re always advocating for their use over plug-&-play style kits. Rebuilding your atomizer entails installing a new coil and wick – ensuring even and consistent heating, fast wicking by the cotton and no electrical shorting. This task is made easier by the range of prebuilt coils available on the market like the Vapour Wild series we stock here.

To summarise our thoughts on why a Boro kit could be your next vape:

  • Boro kits are insanely cool!
  • They’re incredibly versatile – MTL, DTL, RDL etc you name it. If you enjoy a particular style of vaping, Boro kits can provide it.
  • There’s a huge range of interchangeable items available for just about any device/tank/bridge.
  • As with any rebuildable kit, they’re much more sustainable and better for the environment.
  • You’re free to choose any E-Liquid you want, even experiment with your own creations using TFS flavour concentrates to make your own unique flavour!


We’re happy to see a part of the rebuildable niche of vaping re-emerge from it’s slumber. Not only is it more affordable long-term, it’s better for our society as it has a much smaller impact on the environment and likely doesn’t appeal to children and young people due to it’s complexity and greater up-front cost.

There’s inevitably some learning to be done but it’s certainly worth the effort. Boro vape kits offer an exceptional vaping experience which has been brushed under the rug by disposable giants like Elf Bar & Crystal Bar. The damage done to the industry may be irreversible now but we remain hopeful that the future holds some light.