What is the best pod vape?

What is a Pod Vape and why are they popular now?

The rise of disposable vape pens such as the infamous Elf Bar has been an environmental disaster, millions of the throw away devices enter landfill every week and litter our streets. Our convenience culture has triumphed over our desire to look after our planet once again. It has also cost people far more than it should have as vaping need not be such an expensive habit. Nevertheless the rise of these devices will inevitably result in their fall, and it looks as though pod vapes will be the catalyst. Pod Vapes are similar to disposables with two main differences:

  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable/refillable pods containing the heating element (coil) and the liquid reservoir

The technology for “pod vapes” is really nothing new but it seems the market is shifting to more practical solutions to our nicotine cravings. Big name vape brands like Voopoo have launched various Pod Vapes over the last few years but we’re now seeing their uptake increase exponentially. Shops all over the country are doing what they can to convert people away from disposables in an attempt to sell their customers more affordable, cleaner products that would see them return to said shop.

Another difference between disposables and pod vapes is that a disposable is pre-loaded with e-liquid whereas a pod vape typically needs to be filled by the user. This gives the customer the freedom to choose a flavour and strength without buying a whole new device, and at the same time the vape shop can then also upsell eliquid to go with the device rather than selling an all-in-one product, thereby engaging more with the customer.

Why use a pod vape?

So why should you use a pod vape? And which is the best pod vape? Using a pod vape is currently the next best thing after disposables. We’ll list the key benefits here:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Refillable/replaceable Pod/coil
  • Longer battery life
  • Increased vapour production
  • More environmentally conscious
  • Far better value for your money

The main reason for the success of disposables vapes is their convenience. There’s nothing to learn or anything you need to get used to, simply inhale! Some people are hesitant or unwilling to switch to a pod vape or more advanced vape due to how much more complicated it can very easily get, and yet Pod vapes offer a very nice compromise which fits most peoples needs. If you’re able to charge your phone, you can charge your vape.

If you can take you bin out once a week, you can replace a pod every now and then. The best pod vape depends on what YOU want from it, but largely they’re all very similar and do the same thing. As with most things these days the main difference is aesthetics.

The very best thing about pod vapes? They’ll save you money!

See our “Disposable Killer Kit” to get setup immediately: https://www.driphacks.com/disposable-killer/

How does a Pod vape save you money? Because you can refill it yourself. When you buy a disposable, you pay for convenience – the manufacturer has already dosed the eliquid into the device for you. With a Pod vape, you’ll do this yourself and in the process you can save some serious money, depending on how much you vape of course.

For most people the value for money that the best pod vapes offer over disposables is enough to convince them to switch, especially considering the current cost of living crisis.

Which pod vape should I get?

We stock only the best pod vapes: The Voopoo Argus Z, The Oxva XLIM, Vaporesso Luxe X. and the Xros Mini 3

All 3 are incredible devices providing high power, long battery life and excellent coils providing a powerful and flavoursome vape. Each one is leagues ahead of any disposable in terms of value and technology whilst remaining simple enough that you can continue vaping hassle free.

In fact, we’re so confident about these devices that we built a convenient product package around them called the “Disposable Killer Kit” which you can find on the link above. The kit simply makes the device more convenient as you get not only a device but nicotine liquid with it, so you’re ready to start vaping in one purchase instead of multiple, or trips to the shop!

As with most things the answer to the question: what is the best pod vape is subjective. Some people swear by the Xlim, and others prefer the Argus Z. Ultimately it’s down to you to decide which fits your needs better. The Argus Z is perhaps the smallest and prettiest pod vape out there with some of the best features, hence it’s incredible success over the past few months.

What E-liquid should I use in a pod vape?

pocket salt nic salt eliquid by drip hacks, extra smooth fruity flavours with ws-23 for a cheap elf bar style vape

Pod vapes are typically used by people looking to quit smoking or stop using disposables vapes like elf bars. For this reason most people use high strength nicotine e-liquid like our Pocket Salts. For those transitioning away from disposable vapes, nic salts with very strong flavours are generally preferred as this will most closely imitate an elf bar or other disposable.

The best pod vapes are used to their full potential with either 10mg or 20mg Nicotine Salt in cool, fruity flavours. We’ve very carefully formulated our Pocket Salts to be on the extra strong side using eliquid flavour concentrates made in-house and a proprietary blend of very smooth nicotine.

If you’re coming from Elf Bars then our Pocket Salts are perfect!

What is the number 1 best pod vape?

As mentioned above this question is subjective, but to give you our direct opinion……drum roll please….. The Oxva XLIM. This device ticks all of the boxes for even more advanced vape mods in such a slim format, with high quality components and an extraordinary flavour/vapour production. This may even be the end of the line for progression in terms of pod vapes and that’s fine with us. We love it so much we stock them alone and in our highly successful Disposable Killer Kit.

Oxva Xlim best pod vape kit