What is WS-23 cooling agent?

ws-23 cooling agent in crystalline form

WS-23 is a colloquial handle used to describe a chemical in E-Liquid which provides a cooling sensation which many find very satisfying. Think of Menthol but without the taste, it’s a very clean cold hit.

WS-23 or N 2,3-Trimethyl-2-Isopropyl Butyramide is not derived from Menthol like many other cooling agents so it has no odour or flavour, meaning you can add a cooling sensation to your ejuice without altering it’s flavour profile at all. A white, crystalline powder providing a physiological cooling sensation to skin and mucosa, a true winner in any DIY eliquid toolbox and a component that’s become one of the most important in the wider vaping industry, being the sole reason many brands have reached the spotlight. WS-23 is not the strongest coolant out there but it’s by far the most popular and for good reason, it provides the cleanest and most well-rounded cooling hit available. It’s also used in a wide variety of other applications including chewing gum and food & drinks. WS-23 gets it’s name from Wilkinson Sword (the creater) hence “WS” = Wilkinson Sword.

What does it do?

WS-23 can be used to add varying degrees of a “cool effect” depending on the strength it is used at and in the DIY E-Liquid world, this is entirely up to you. Many ready to vape e-liquids employ a strong cooling sensation as the backbone of their success and impact on the customer. When it comes to making your own vape juice, you can carefully dial in how much of a cool hit you want simply by incrementally adding it to your e-liquid. For example: you’ve got a 250ml Hackshot of Blue Slush and you want to make it “cold”. Once you’ve mixed it with VG/PG and added our nicotine, add 1ml of WS-23 and shake – then vape to test if you’ve added enough. If you need more, simply repeat this step until you’ve reached a level of cooling you desire.

It has a surprising array of uses in pharmacy, industry, catering and cosmetics, with vaping being one of the most recent applications. It carries an irritant GHS warning as do many chemicals in e-liquid but this is typically a precaution. Unless you come into contact with a large amount of the raw powder, you’ll not have any issues.

Should I buy WS-23 cooling agent?

Honestly? YES. You don’t need much of the ws-23 cooling agent in liquid form as it’s very strong, so a little goes a long way. We sell a LOT of WS-23 cooling agent both in wholesale and retail. Those who are into DIY eliquid know that it’s sort of a trick in the box, it can actually make flavours you don’t like come to life, and it’s quite possible the easiest thing you can do to try and improve an eliquid flavour. Think about this: are there any flavours you can think of that a cooling sensation wouldn’t work with? I just tried and hit a wall. So if you find yourself with a flavour with no cooling agent in it and you don’t like it, you can easily try adding some to bring it to life. In order to do this you just add 1 – 5% WS-23 liquid at a time to the bottle of ejuice, shake, vape and test it. Not cold enough? Repeat the step as many ties as required. You’ll find many of our flavours contain WS-23 for the sole reason of demand. Flavours that contain it typically outperform those that don’t, we like to innovate but at the same time we also understand a simple fact about peoples taste: don’t change what people already like. The majority of our new releases contain WS-23 cooling agent and even those that don’t we upsell WS-23 with it and you’d be surprised how many times people add it to their basket on checkout.

What’s more, it’s a relatively cheap product and straight forward. Make sure you have one in your stash of vape things at all times! WS-23 is used in many primary flavourings whether intended for vaping or not, many of those can be found here: https://theflavoursmiths.co.uk/