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Kick start your day with CBD Coffee

Encourage a calm morning with the next big trend,  CBD coffee.  CBD coffee provides the perfect balance between relaxation and energy; while a regular coffee can leave people feeling jittery and unsettled, CBD coffee allows your energy levels to rise, yet still giving you relaxed and focused feeling. What is CBD? CBD is a natural derivative of the hemp plant and is part of the cannabis sativa species. What are the benefits of CBD coffee? So, what makes it so popular? Despite little evidence that CBD is an effective medical... Read More


What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD is everywhere at the moment and you can find it in a vast array of forms including edible pills, water, oils and e-liquid. It’s been rapidly growing in popularity, but what is CBD e-liquid? Does CBD e-liquid get you high? Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve created a guide covering all you need to know. What is CBD e-liquid? First things first: what is CBD e-liquid exactly? CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. There are two main types of cannabis; hemp and marijuana.... Read More

e liquid concentrates 12/06/2019

Vape Flavours: A Guide to Drip Hacks E Liquid Concentrates

Whether you’re new to vaping or are just looking for more flavours to explore, here at Drip Hacks, we’ve curated a range of e liquid concentrates to take your vaping experience to a new level. From powerful sours to delicious desserts and retro sweets, we’ve broken down our flavour categories to help you pick your new favourites. Our e liquid flavour categories: Dessert e liquid concentrates Got a thing for decadent desserts? Our dessert e liquid concentrates range enables you to indulge your taste buds all day with a selection... Read More

Shortfill E liquids 07/05/2019

The Drip Hacks Guide to Shortfill E liquids

With a variety of e juice options available on the market to choose from, should you consider shortfill e liquids? From their characteristics and their origins to the pros and cons to using them, here at Drip Hacks, we’ve created a guide to all you need to know about e liquid shortfills to help you decide if they’re the right choice for you. So, what are shortfill e liquids? Shortfill e liquids are slightly underfilled bottles of nicotine-free e-juice that leave space (usually 10% or 20% of capacity) to accommodate... Read More

steeping e-juice 04/04/2019

Steeping E-juice: All You Need to Know

There’s a lot of talk and debate about steeping e-juice in the world of vaping; but what is steeping and how does it work? Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve broken down all you need to know about steeping e-juice, including its benefits, how different flavours differ and the best steeping method. What is steeping? First of all, what actually is steeping? When it comes to vaping, steeping refers to the method of leaving your e-juice to sit for a specific amount of time, in order to enrich its flavour and... Read More

DIY e liquid concentrates 04/02/2019

DIY E-liquids: How to Make Your Own E-Liquids Like a Pro

  Want to try your hand at making your own e-liquid but don’t know where to start? Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve created a handy guide to making your own DIY e-liquids like a pro. From the ingredients to the equipment and method, you can find all the info and top tips you need to get started. What ingredients do I need? First things first, let’s start with what you’ll need for making DIY e-liquid. E-liquids are made up from mixing together a few different elements: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Propylene... Read More