Can Vaping Kill Covid-19?

Could vaping be one of the best medicines against the coronavirus? Could you really believe that opening sentence? Given the times we have all gone through, it sometimes seems as though we are all waiting for the magical vaccine to protect us all, in vaping however there could be a benefit. Researching this article, I searched for any mention of vaping killing coronavirus and there wasn’t a single hit. Not a single mention of anything positive when it came to vaping. That is not much of a surprise at the best of times but this time it seems different. During a time where the desperate search for a cure, they still want to hide the potential one good story about vaping in years. What if instead of trying to demonise vaping, report the positives for once which won’t scare the hell out of people. Simply put, vaping can actually help people even more, potentially.

Now can it cure it? absolutely not. I want to start off making that fact clear, I am not selling snake oil and calling it liquid gold. However there have been stories that have came to light recently that portrays vaping a lot more positively if it was reported as such. You may have seen a story on the news but like I said earlier, try finding that story now. So I am not saying at vaping is a miracle cure like some sort of cult leader. But it could help people, as those stories have recently shown. What if vaping could protect you somewhat?

But you still don’t believe me right? Ok, so lets take a look into how vaping is bringing a lot to the table right now. The stories come from two entirely different places, that are familiar to all vapers. A Romeo and Juliet of meetings so to speak. One of the stories involves nicotine, with the other being Propylene Glycol. Two of the biggest parts of an E-Liquid, especially in MTL vapers who use PG heavier liquids at 18mg. What if, Drip Hacks Nic Salt range could help you? It is time to get serious now so lets jump into the findings in regards to vaping and that virus. If it has no relevance then it is nice to have wishful thinking.


We will start with the more surprising story of recent times, how nicotine could help with Covid-19. Given the widespread coverage of how smoking and vaping increase your risk, it is all the bit surprising that nicotine has been talked about helping against it. Like a sort of protection that was built in via inhaling nicotine. Would you believe this all started from a peculiar location, a French research article.

We know that smoking has a very detrimental effect on our health which is why we made the switch over. WHO found that people with a smoking illness was more susceptible to catching the virus so that should give people all the more reason to quit and try vaping instead (shameful propaganda out the way). However the French research did come back with an interesting finding.

The research actually said;

Current smokers have a very much lower probability of developing symptomatic or severe SARS-CoV-2 infection as compared to the general population

What French medical experts and scientists were finding was that there were less smokers going into hospital when infected by the virus. They cross checked the data over a number of sample groups and the lowest always seemed to be smokers. They cross referenced in a Paris hospital and cross referenced the number of patients with severe and mild cases. This was actual research findings. This was hugely surprising as you would expect because the WHO had already found smokers to be more susceptible compared to non smokers. That part was not the surprising part, the French report however completely surprising to everyone.

So the next question would naturally be, is why? Why was this happening when the belief was the opposite. They knew it couldn’t be the tobacco, as the negative effects from that are well known. So they dug a little deeper and started to look at the effects of nicotine. The addictive substance that vapers and smokers share alike. In fact the only connection between the two. They suggested that nicotine could be the reason as to why so few smokers were going into hospital. Their research suggested that the nicotine acts like a barrier of sorts in a way that directly affects the infection of Covid-19. How Covid-19 works is that the virus latches onto the ACE2 protein receptors in the lungs upon the cells surfaces. What the theory is from France, is that nicotine when inhaled creates a coating over those receptors creating a shield to anything else incoming. So if the receptors are coated in a barrier, it will be much harder to get the virus to actually infect. So potentially, less of the virus entering the body and less serious illness effects.

It all adds up doesn’t it! That could be the only way that nicotine could have that positive effect against the virus. The Scientists are currently awaiting funding to take this theory into testing but even without proving the theory, you can see how it does make sense. So us vapers, we inhale nicotine as well, in a way that is so much better for us than smoking. We know vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, so what would be the effect that nicotine is having when you don;t get all the other poisons coming with it? We wouldn’t be making ourselves ill like we would be smoking so our immune system isn’t affected and if the nicotine is coating our receptors, we have less chance of contracting the virus in a serious way. So by theory, vaping is helping our defence against the virus.

This just doesn’t apply to Covid-19 neither, this is relevant to any sort of airborne contracted virus we may catch. From a cold to the Flu and the many coronaviruses in-between, vaping nicotine could be actually protecting us against getting ill from viruses. It is crazy to think right, have you never paid attention to how many times you have got seriously ill since quitting smoking? What started as a research point about admittance to hospital has potentially created a deterrent finding which would be amazing. However this isn’t the end to our positive news recently and another may well surprise you even more than the first, the ol’ Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol Kills The Flu

What is Propylene Glycol (PG)? For those of you who don’t know, PG is found in many places. From smoke machines and inhalers, to vaping devices. PG is the core component in E-Liquid in several different ways, arguably the most important part of the process. PG is part of every single base, whether it is the rest of the % of the bottle when VG (vegetable glycerine) heavy or it is what is used to suspend flavours and nicotine. The thin clear substance is far bigger than you initially realise, it is used in many different industries for many different reasons. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it can be dangerous ingested due to around half of it turned into lactic acid within the kidneys so the one thing PG can’t do is be eaten. PG is extracted from food grade propylene oxide and then applied to its many different sources that we find today.

So what has all this got to do with this article?

I’m glad you asked, for you see PG has been proven to have a secret benefit that actually may turn vaping from what it is to another champion of quitting smoking. It gets crazier as well, for you see this isn’t some brand new state of the art research to share with you. This has been known for a long time, since 1943 to be precise. Is your E-Liquid doing more than just help you stay off smoking, what if it is keeping you healthy? That is the question I pose to you now and my source is a good one, a research article hailing from America by a team of scientists that have more than 60 years experience.

If you want to check the paper out yourself you can do so here

What is about I hear you ask? Well the study is about the effect of Propylene Glycol when in a vapour form and its effects on microorganisms in the air. It is actually a fascinating piece of study especially given when it was written, it looks into how PG acts in the air. It studies the anti bacterial aspect of the substance when in a room full of bacteria. They experimented in a room using a fan system and with different variants and found out… it worked.

The nearly 80 year old research found out that it actually killed bacteria in the air when applied to a room. Fascinating stuff right, but how does it apply to vaping?

What do you exhale? Exactly!

I propose the following to you, what if that vapour you are exhaling isn’t just leaving your body but killing any bacteria around you, thus making the air you breathe safer? Surely then if the air around you is safer then you are less likely to get sick, which would make vaping such a useful thing to do for ex smokers. So I bet you are looking back at the heading and asking, well what about the flu? Killing airborne bacteria is all well and good but what about any actual viruses, they aren’t bacteria. You would be right in saying this, however it gets even better, with another trip in our time machine to the year before, 1942.

You can read about it here (behind a paywall sadly)

Now this study is far more interesting and relatable, it comes from a scientist named Dr Robertson, the same Dr Robertson from the article above. It was a test on how Propylene Glycol acts in the air when combined with the Flu virus, with the test subject being mice. What the study found is that the mice that were exposed to only the flu virus got sick whereas the ones which also had PG combined with it didn’t, almost like the PG killed the virus within the air.

So do you see where this is going?

What if vaping doesn’t just stop you smoking, but it is killing everything you are inhaling and is in the air around you? What if, vaping is a passive deterrent to you actually getting sick? Now Ok, for the amount MTL vapers are exhaling this won’t be doing that much difference, a sub ohmer at 50/50 liquid however could be exhaling clouds of Anti Bacterial / Anti viral substances. You won’t be filling the entire room with it but you are exhaling it out around YOU specifically and if you are killing anything in the air around you, then you are less likely to be inhaling anything nasty. If this research proves to be accurate, perhaps if you are inhaling anything nasty, the PG is killing that within your lungs. It is potentially ground breaking for vaping, which makes it such a surprise that no-one ever leads with it when talking about the benefits of vaping over smoking.

How does it kill Covid?

So looking back at the research, there is no definitive answer to whether it kills Covid-19, no-one has done THAT research yet. You are certainly more likely to read about the NYC mayor saying otherwise when it comes to the virus that we are currently experiencing. However the scenario that comes to mind is rather interesting indeed, especially given the fact Covid-19 is an airborne virus. There is more than enough evidence to suggest that PG can kill the virus in the air and certainly attack it when inhaled in the lungs as per the research. Even if you do inhale the virus, perhaps the nicotine covering the specific part of the lung will then prevent it from actually entering the bloodstream. Those two combined and that E-cig of yours can prove to be a powerful part of your everyday arsenal.

So I put this question to you, can vaping kill Covid-19?

2 thoughts on “Can Vaping Kill Covid-19?

  1. Dave Chalton says:

    Finally !!!!!! Well done someone else has said it ! I have thought this for some time tbh with PG and wonder why the world hasn’t had the brain capacity to use PG in the fight against it ! Well said well written !!

  2. James Mccaughey says:

    Very very interesting article I am 99% sure I got covid back in March of 2020 and although I didnt take a test my partner was tested pos so there’s a good argument I did have it. Vaping while I felt absolutely dreadful def seemed to help me breath more easily and my symptoms lasted 5 days less than my partner . So was this just a coincidence or is this a poss way to reduce or kill covid completely. Either way it will not be something big pharma will look into or endorse

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