How Does Heat Affect Vaping?

There are many different pieces of advice online when it comes to vaping but how far do they actually go? From every new vaper to a seasoned pro, there are many tips and tricks that often get overlooked when it comes to vaping that just may be useful to hear about, to shape your understanding of the dos and don’t of vaping. These aren’t your scientific rules, nor are they your official guidelines, more an understanding of vaping in a new light. May be some of these will be known to you but others may not be, which is where I am hoping to help. Even if you learn one thing new from this article then you can take heart that it’s not just you that experiences this. What I want to take a look at is how heat affects your vape and how it can negatively affect your experience, especially during the summer time. Vaping is an all year around hobby for many of us but time of year can play a huge part in our experience it, or the fact that heat itself can be a minor cause for concern. We forget that sometimes heat is a major factor in vaping whether it be externally or internally, so what I want to do is take a look today at how heat affects vaping, and what you can do to prevent it being an inconvenience to your hobby.


This one may sound very obvious but it remains a minor nuisance none the less. For the simple mechanic of vaping, batteries are heating up a coil inside of your tank to temperatures far higher than you would imagine. So how does weather factor into this you may ask? Quite a bit actually as if you are vaping in the warm weather then the mod and tank can struggle to cool back down again. So if you feel you mod is heating up a little bit when you are chain vaping in the sunshine then this is a very common problem, the overall heat warms everything up beyond normal room temperature conditions. So what happens when the mod feels warm and the tank is red hot in the sun? You run the risk of the tank itself overheating as it is struggling to dissipate the heat back to normal levels. Most sub ohm tanks can go from hot to cool quite quickly with only warmth coming from chain vaping. However once you turn up the temperature then it makes it harder to cool down increasing the chance of the glass breaking through heat stress. Same as the mod itself, the sun is keeping the mod at a higher temperature than what you normally experience.

When it comes to the tank, it is best to vape less to ensure the tank glass is not over heating and prevent an issue that can’t be fixed. When it comes to the mod, the best test is to feel your batteries, if they are hot then its time to put that mod away, a slightly warm battery means the temperature is on the outside and therefore, just vape less.

Size of device

This one may not make any sense until I explain it but it can be another reason for an overheating mod that is being caused naturally. When vape companies hit onto a winner, with mods from companies such as Smok, Vaporesso or even Joyetech there is a clamour then to make a smaller device. So we have seen the Luxe nano, Avenger baby and Mag baby to name but a few. When these companies offer a smaller device, they normally take everything into account right? Not every time and it is because of this that you can run into some minor design flaws that can be a cause for concern for vapers.

If you buy a baby style device and the power ramps back then there is normally no issue whatsoever, but when the companies throw these kits together, it can be a much bigger issue. Take for example the Luxe nano kit as a great example of this, Vaporesso turned their big 200w device into a much smaller internal battery device, so I hear you ask, what is the problem? The tank is the problem and it can cause an overheating issue as a result. The luxe nano came packaged with the Skrr tank with a much smaller capacity to fit on top of the smaller design, yet the tank was still the same tank as before. This meant that the giant coil inside was contained in a much smaller glass compartment making heat a major issue. The problem with these sorts of tanks, or any EU 2mil sub ohm tank is that the tank has much less space to dissipate heat when the coil heats up. So where does the heat go? It goes down into the base and as a result heats up whatever is below it, in this instance, the mod itself. So that luxe nano kit suddenly heats up with chain vaping even at around 60w because the temperature has nowhere to go once you start vaping.

So in these cases, try and avoid a mini version of a powerful sub ohm tank or get a much bigger capacity on the tank itself to allow for the heat from the coil to dissipate much more evenly.


Temperature doesn’t just affect mods and tanks, it can negatively affect your E-liquids as well. The general make up of an E-liquid is the thin Propylene Glycol and the thicker Vegetable Glycerine that is mixed to a desired amount. The VG aspect is designed for vapour production and the PG is designed for throat hit and for suspending the nicotine/flavours meaning that sub ohm E-liquids are usually high in VG and the rest is suspension of everything else. So what happens when you apply heat to an E-liquid? It thins the liquid itself making it much less effective in creating clouds giving off less vapour when you vape them. This is because the liquid is breaking down in the heat and separating from itself, whether it be the nicotine or the flavourings.

So what is the end result of this? Apart from the lack of clouds you will get, the flavour may be affected and you may get less intense of a flavour than before. This applies also for when you vape an E-liquid at too high a temperature, this in real terms would be over 150w , the higher it goes the less flavour you get. The E-liquid may also become much harsher on the throat than before as the separation may cause you to get much bigger of a PG (and subsequently nicotine) hit than you normally would expect to. So the more heat you apply, the more negatively affected your E-liquid will be, making that amazing Drip Hacks flavour for example turn into a sub par one over time. The advice here is to always store your E-liquids away, if you need to store them in the car then use the glove compartment rather than the door or back-seat. This small change will make a huge difference to the quality of your vape.

Coil Performance

We have looked at how heat can affect the coil in terms of an overall performance but what about the coil itself? How can that be affected by the heat in its own right and affect your experience of vaping? This can be answered quite simply, in your flavour.

E-liquids can come in many different flavours and profiles, with fruits, desserts or even just simply one shot flavour. It is the unique make up of each flavour that creates the flavour experience you have with each pull and the very best flavours maintain that experience throughout the bottle life. So the question you may be asking now is how does heat affect this from a vaping perspective? We have looked at the storage aspect but it can have a negative experience in your tank as well. One part of the make up of E-liquid can be found in sweetener, whether it is a natural sweetener or an artificial one. Some flavours depend on this sweeter flavour to make others pop or simply to give a worse flavour a bit more life. It is widely known that the more sweetener in your E-liquid means the worse coil performance you get as a result, making coils last much shorter than using a balanced flavour. Heat however can play a catalyst sort of role and negatively affect the coil life itself. If you are vaping in warm weather, it can cause the coil to maintain heat for a longer period of time. What this can do therefore is to caramelise that sweetener on a larger scale, as there is more heat going to the coil than before, there isn’t a larger cool down period between vapes meaning the sweetener can effectively thicken on the coils when its just sat on the cotton.

So the best rule here is that if you know you are vaping in high temperatures, either in the summer or abroad, simply use E-liquids that have less sweetener in them, reducing the chance that the sweetener sits on your coil for too long causing it to gather in larger amounts.

Battery Life

This one may sound like a given but the truth is, people forget that heat can directly affect batteries especially during the summer months. How a battery works in its most basic form is a chemical reaction that stores electricity and powers your device. If you have ever seen a battery explode, or had any experience with a venting battery you know what happens is that the battery will get hot before it decides to blow. This is because of the chemical reaction inside the battery having nowhere to vent itself normally (through a current) and the stored energy goes all haywire inside. So how does heat affect battery life then you may ask?

Batteries are designed to run at a room temperature aspect meaning everything inside of the battery is working as intended. There isn’t any external factors that change the way the battery composition works and as a result everything works as intended. So what happens when batteries heat up? Quite simply they have to work harder to keep the same level of performance and the harder it works, the shorter the life becomes. There is a scientific explanation to this and it impacts any battery from your vape batteries to your phone. The point being here is that vaping, especially chain vaping in warmer temperatures can have an impact on the battery life and effectively shorten it significantly. A vaper overseas for example will need to change their batteries much more often than someone here would do because of this very reason. So make sure you keep your batteries cool and away from direct sunlight, even inside the device. Even a warm mod can be affecting your batteries inside meaning you could be degrading your batteries even without using it.

Warm weather and heat plays an important part in battery safety so its one of the big factors in looking after your batteries, whether it is cosmetically or sitting on a beach somewhere.


Hopefully you can see in this article that vaping on a summers day isn’t just pressing the button and having no worry in the world, it can have a major impact on everything from your coils to your batteries. Whether you are on holiday or sitting in your back garden, vaping can be negatively affected by the warm temperatures so looking after your kit is very much important. You can see the impact of a mod design now, especially when you factor in a small tank heating up a battery mod inside far too regularly, these points are not isolated, they all connect in one way or another! Vaping can be 99% safe when using your equipment but just make sure you don’t forget something as simple as the sun when it comes to looking after your device and tank and keep storing your E-liquid away. That little bit of care and attention will ensure you don’t have to worry about something going wrong in the future.

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