How Vaping can Influence Technology

How can vaping change the world?

That is a question that many of us will ask given the climate for vaping right now.  What started as an alternative smoking tool to help people quit has become a whole juggernaut of momentum taking over the western world.  We have entire industries dedicated to vaping, billionaire companies and wars being waged all over the globe.  Whether vaping is better for you is still being disputed by anyone with an agenda against it and if you go to tobacco rich parts of the world, they will tell you how dangerous it is still compared to smoking.  So right now, the industry is at a cross roads in terms of where to go, it wants to continue making money and helping people quit smoking but it faces battles all over.  It makes you wonder, how can vaping win, how can we overcome the ignorance and misinformation in the long term.  Most importantly however, how can vaping change the future?  For a technology in its infancy, there are potentially hundreds of possibilities that vaping could bring to all sorts of areas to revolutionise or simply provide an alternative way of providing.  We can look back over the past 10 years and see how far we have come but what about another 10 years?  20 years?  Vaping will not be as we imagined it that is a given.  So what I want to do today is take a look at what some of the potential avenues vaping could go down in the future, in a way that could change the world.  So join us as we look through the looking glass and see what the future may bring with our hobby.



Vaping is a very efficient way of replacing nicotine delivery from cigarettes to a way in which is at least 95% safer than smoking.  It should really be the industry’s catchphrase at this point; it certainly disproves many of the negative news in regards to vaping.  When you consider that many of the negative findings about vaping come from the nicotine inhaled rather than the PG/VG combination, all we really need is to prove that everything except the nicotine is safe then we can finally start to truly present how much safer vaping is in comparison.  Having these results would give a good indication of how the PG/VG can affect the body when not combined with nicotine.


So what if vaping could be used for so much more than simply an anti-smoking device?  Picture the potential of being able to apply medicine to patients through an inhalant rather than a tablet for example?  We may be talking 20 years from now at least but the possibility of supplying medicine in a better way than simple inhalers could prove to be more effective in getting it into the bloodstream.  The range of medicines can be endless, from paracetamol all the way to more important medication that people depend on each day.  We see it now with CBD being used as a pain relief amongst many other things so what if you could apply that to other areas of medicine?  All you would need to ensure is that the medicine is in a form that can be delivered by aerosol and absorbed by such means.  This means it may not be applicable to all but science is a wonderful thing and there will be potential applications I am sure.  All we need for this sort of method is for the FDA in America to finally get behind vaping, even if it is from a control perspective.


It was short lived but we did see the foundation for this back in 2018 before it was swiftly banned by the FDA for not being approved as a drug.  There was a company called HelloCig Electronic Technology Co that had started selling an E-liquid that had a more adult feel to it.  The thing that made their E-liquid a little bit more special?

Viagra. The cease and desist order of sorts made the company ‘throbbing mad’ (their words) and unfortunately it didn’t have a chance to really take off.  The company claimed the E-liquids were tested ahead of release but the FDA shut them down without ever questioning their safety or quality, simply on the grounds of them not approving such a thing.  If the product was successful in what it aimed to do however, it does give good indication of the potential of the technology in future medicines if the pharmaceutical companies want to explore a new way of delivering medicine for the 21st century.


Web based devices

Here in the 21st century, we are slowly moving into a sci-fi movie esq level of technology that we had only seen on the big screen before.      We may not have the flying cars, the hover boards or the self-lacing trainers but we are starting to see how technology can be incorporated into everyday life.  Everything from your computer to your mobile phone can incorporate new age technology and bring you closer to the world no matter where you are.  We see watches carrying smart functionality, Bluetooth speakers being able to control your life and even Fridges with the ability to watch your favourite TV show when reaching for the milk.   Technology is starting to advance at such a great level that soon enough, pretty much everything will be connected in life.  In the next 10-15 years we could see further advancements in this technology that brings the world to our fingertips and connects everything in life to one synchronised way of living, from cars to workplaces, travel to identification.

So what if vaping devices incorporated the same level of technology as other areas of life that meant it could connect us to the wider world?  The default idea of a mod using the internet is the idea of calling or videoing but potentially the potential could lie elsewhere within using real smart features.  Being able to carry an AI to talk to, much like Siri or Alexa would be a useful tool when out and about.  Being able to receive social media messages, fitness tracker, weather, the list is as long as your imagination.   You don’t need your mod to be able to call home but having some sort of a built in platform much like a smart watch for example would turn a mod from a simple functionality into a powerhouse device for all day to day activity.

This may sound like moving the realms of reality beyond what is sensible but we have seen this technology in its infancy happen recently from a company called Wismec.  They have released a device recently with Alexa capabilities combined with a speaker element and the ability to use the device much like a phone or music player.  The AI element when connected to your phone can give you weather updates, play songs or simply tell you a joke, putting a real AI inside a device.  Battery life will always be a drawback when considering devices like this, but a step forward in that department could see us potentially having this type of device as standard in the future.

Killing Big Tobacco

As we all know, tobacco is the real enemy to vaping in the world today with every single smoker making that switch is another life potentially saved.  This is something we have looked at extensively here at Drip Hacks and the statistics really back this up right now.  Smoking rates are dropping more than ever before, health is improving over long term vapers/ quitters and people are finally taking the choice to help them.  Yet when we look at how big tobacco operates around the world, there is certainly an element of beyond the product image of the industry that stretches far beyond simply smoking vs vaping.  We can take a look at how tobacco lobbyists operate in America, pushing their influence and power onto politicians to push through their own agendas at the cost of people’s health.  We can see companies bringing our heat not burn devices such as Phillip Morris despite the unhealthy aspects of such a product.  Yet we get told still how better that is compared to regular smoking, all whilst demonising vaping at the same time.  When you start to extend around the world as well, you see how smoking still carries a big influence.  When you look at countries such as India who ban vaping in its entirety, the motivation isn’t to protect people based on some research that is questionable, it is because of Tobacco.  The country is heavily dependant on people both smoking and themselves to be exporting it to other countries.  Once you face the prospect that your people may stop buying said product, banning is inevitable.  This impacts other Asian countries, all of which have some of the highest smoking rates in the world, with the likes of China, India, Thailand to name a few in the top 10.  Other countries such as Brazil and Uruguay follow the same thought pattern so it has created a bizarre vaping grid around the world, focused in the west.


So how can vaping bring down tobacco for good?  If these smoking rates in the west finally start to drop to almost unrealistic levels as we are seeing trending currently.  When you see smoking rates in the UK for example drop from around 25% to 9% in the space of 20 years it is highly encouraging to see.  Some of the highest vaping rates in the world are found in the UK and America so it is there we may see a dictation of how vaping can overtake smoking considerably in the future.  Combine that with research being western based, less bias and more trustworthy research will come out in the future from these sources.  If people stop smoking and scientists start to fundamentally confirm the at least 95% safer tag we have, then it will be hard to fully support smoking any more.  Once the west speak, we may see tobacco limited to the eastern hemisphere besides a token few % in the west.  Once we see that happen, potentially we could be seeing Tobacco lose its control over the world.  It may be another 20 years from that point potentially as this will not happen overnight.  However with a little bit of faith and some good coverage of our hobby, then there will be a corner to turn eventually.

Change Battery Technology

We will end this article on one that may not sound like such on the face of it but the long term aspects of this could have a major influence in the future if the industry does grow at the same rate.  One of the most important things in vaping is batteries, from how they power what we have to how correct care and attention is required to keep them safe and secure.  In the real world, battery technology is always growing and developing for industrial use and over the past 20 years alone we have seen significant improvements which have helped people’s lives.  A great example of this is the battery generator that was gifted to Australia during the bush fire over the last 12 months.  A generator that could power towns made such a significant difference during that time to allow people to continue on living their lives.  From phones to laptops, industrial to personal use, battery technology is improving all the time.  However when you look at it subjectively, the smaller batteries aren’t really improving as much as the rest of the battery industry, the typical AA style battery has hit a brick wall in that regard.


So how can vaping influence this in the future?  By focused small battery technology improvements that could significantly change how we power anything.  We are continually seeing battery technology in our industry improve and since the birth of vaping there has been a fair few different new batteries that have came out specifically for vaping devices.  This includes the new 21700/20700 style batteries that bring more capacity and power to run similar designed devices on the market.  We explored battery technology in our battery guide previously but imagine being able to develop a battery type for vaping that could be applied across the board?  Imagine a battery small enough that could match an 18650 at half the size?  This technology will be coming in the future so imagine its application onto other devices such as remotes, toys and even a clock.  Longer lasting batteries that provide more power and therefore remove the limitations currently put in place on electronic devices.  Imagine a remote that could last for over a year with a single set of batteries, a clock that never runs out of power in the general sense.  This can all be possible.  All it will take is transferring the technology over to the more standard battery types and we could really see that change happen.



The vaping industry could well prove to be the catalyst for many different technological advances which could help shape the world going forward.  If you had said to a smoker 20 years ago there is a device that would allow you to quit smoking easy and it would taste nice AND be at least 95% safer, it would have been something out of a science fiction movie.  This was a time before I Phones, smart TVs and speakers that can order you random stuff off the internet.  Yet here we are 20 years later with all of this and more, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate compared to other decades before it.  So who’s to say that in 20 years vaping cannot have a positive impact on the world to come?  All it will take is for people in power to finally embrace the industry and then we will see some magic happen following that.

Vaping can influence the future, the basis is there, we just need to support it and allow it it grow to really catch people’s attention.

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