Savoury Vaping – The Niche of Flavours

Have you ever sat and thought about what flavour you haven’t tried before that may not exist?

In the world of vaping today there are many different flavours and recipes that stand out for many different reasons. From fruit to bases, from sweet to sharp flavours, there is something for everyone, but is that really true? To what extent are we closing our minds to what vaping flavours could potentially be in the future by simply thinking in a 2d perspective carrying the scars from the past? If you have been vaping for as long as I have then you will remember back in 2015/16 when the smoky bacon and chicken tikka flavours existed and (unlike me) you will know how bad they tasted. Although being bold and appealing to a minority they weren’t popular with the mainstream of vapers and it never really went further than a novelty vape challenge. What if a return to savoury and unimagined flavours could well be an option in the future if the flavour wizards could bring them to life? That is what I want to explore, how viable are some of the flavours out there that don’t exist in the vaping world but could well come to life in the future if we all dream it? There are plenty of flavours that we know don’t work and some that would be horrible no matter what including anything fish based for example. You may bawk at some of these flavours and I guess that is the natural reaction whilst we think at what would be nice so the question I ask you is, could they be?

So join us today at Drip Hacks as we take a tongue in cheek look at flavours that could well come to life as an E-liquid. We are looking at this from a mere fantasy perspective so don’t expect any of them to be flavour of the month anytime soon! So without further ado, here are some flavours that we feel may well translate into an E-liquid successfully.


We will start with one of the most divisive flavours on this list with the biggest potential to go wrong but in a weird way, could this be a flavour that could become a vaping flavour? Now for this to exist we have to establish what cheese flavour would be the most applicable, after all there is plenty of cheeses that knock people sick at the smell never mind the taste. So we can rule out any stinky strong cheese flavours as they would certainly not come through in a way that would compare to a bubblegum or a dessert. Instead we could look at a more mild cheese flavour that could well prove to vape well both inhale and exhale. A flavour more akin with a mild red cheese perhaps or something found in a crisp style flavour, cheesy but not overpowering. You could then blend that with other mild savoury flavours or even go truly mad and combine it with a sweet flavour, a sweet/savoury combination with a rather unique taste.

A flavour like this would appeal to cheese lovers obviously but if the focus on the flavour is more on the tongue rather than the mouth then it could translate well as a mild flavoured vape but with the aftertaste instead. It would be an extremely difficult flavour to get right but potentially this could be a winning flavour with a good few out there. You could even overload the cheese with a VG non flavour and call it cheese and crackers flavour. Alternatively you can turn this into a delightfully light cheese on toast flavour using the existing toast flavourings on the market. The possibilities are limited but the imagination on this one is needed to wonder how it could come to life.


The ultimate snack in the world today, the crisp (or chip to our American cousins) is such a simple snack but can be anything from plain to amazing depending on the flavour used. The crisp is a good example of something that could translate well into vaping simply through the artificial flavourings used much like vaping itself, we don’t actually vape real strawberries after all! So the crisp could well be the basis for savoury flavours to come alive in the future if done right. So the basis of a crisp flavour wouldn’t be focused on the flavour itself but the crisp aspect. The same way we have cheesecake, pie, crumble etc style flavours the crisp flavour would be a mild base that can be used in anything from then on from cheese and onion to smoky bacon to salt and vinegar. Once you have the base you can add a small amount of flavour on top, around 1-2% to give it a taste without being overpowering at the same time of each crisp style. That way you could have a completely different range of flavours that linger rather than overpower, with only the imagination the limit of what could be achieved.

A flavour like this would be hugely popular if done right but the emphasis on the crisp rather than the different flavour is key to really bring this one to life. Another light flavour overall but with a unique premise when compared to sweet flavours, it could well work. Given that crisps are even being used by ice cream companies to offer an alternative flavour experience, the crisp flavour could be a big hit with vapers who just want that something a little….different.


Now stay with me here, we are starting to delve into the realms of fantasy BUT it comes from an existing flavour. So beans is one of the most prominent staples of English cuisine, we have it with almost anything and if in doubt throw it on the plate. We have it with breakfasts, on kids meals, potatoes, chips etc us Brits love beans. So what if a beans flavour could translate into a vaping E-liquid if done just right? The flavour isn’t strong as it stands with the tomato sauce used for the beans being a lovely balanced flavour. So it wouldn’t be too difficult to translate that into a flavour in its own right but it could also be combined with many other flavours including one that does indeed exist in real life….toast.

Beans on toast is one of this country’s favourite snacks to have so why not translate that into a vaping flavour? We have the toast part down already as you see with various different sweet flavours so why not translate that into a savoury version. The flavour can be creamy or it can be pretty straight as the beans aspect wouldn’t shine through as much as the sauce you find it in. A flavour like this will appeal to most people who want a light savoury vaping experience that doesn’t really carry any bold flavours. Is it possible? Only the experts will be able to tell you that.


We have fruits pretty much covered when it comes to vaping and we have seen vegetables such as cucumber be used in recipes in recent times so why not go the whole distance and make a salad flavour? Now for the record there is a limit here as to what would make a salad vape work and that means maybe some of your favourites would miss the cut. If we break down a salad into its individual flavours then realistically we would be looking at vegetables that are bold and not overpowering. So that immediately rules out an onion flavour as that would be unpleasant no matter how you look at it. So when you takes flavours such as lettuce, cucumber (which is currently used in vaping) tomato, even pepper if balanced right, there is still plenty to choose from. It means what you would get is a pretty standard flavour, nothing too strong but with unique tones and flavours in there.

For a flavour like this it wouldn’t compare to a fresh fruit salad sure but with enough sharp notes of vegetables giving it a fresh and clean style flavour then this could well work. It would be one for a summers day when you don’t want a sweet flavour but want something that is fresh and light none the less with notes of cucumber for example standing out. It would appeal to vapers who don’t want anything bog standard and don’t want a strong aftertaste to go with it. Would it work? Absolutely but it is dependant on how you can get the notes of vegetables to blend in a way that is comparable to their fruit equivalent.


Remember chicken tikka and how unpopular that was? You would think that the idea behind curry is a dead zone and theoretically that is true, but what if I could offer you a way to make it work in a way that would adapt to existing vaping practices instead? Humour me on this one, I think I can do it better (in theory). The problem you have with curry flavours as a vaping flavour is the spices involved and how difficult that is to combine in a way that would vape well. Anyone who has ever made a curry will attest to how difficult it is to combine these flavours into a taste that you eat so how you can do it for an E-liquid would be beyond most of us. So don’t focus on the spice element, focus on the fruit. Take a Korma for example, it is mild and creamy, with an emphasis on coconut as its main flavour. So run with that, a creamy coconut with hints of spice that is overwhelmed by the other flavours mixed in. Make it with a plain aftertaste to bring the rice aspect into it and it could just work. Same as a fruity curry as they are referred to, the non Indian type. Focus on the fruity elements and give the spice the back seat, after all we don’t want a flavour that is going to burn our taste-buds. By itself or at least how I am describing it may sound crazy and it probably is but the focus here is on people who want savoury flavours over their sweet choice currently.

Would this flavour work? Absolutely if the focus was on flavours we are more accustomed to rather than on the ones we aren’t. Whether it would come out just like the real thing is another question but in theory, you could have a slight spiced creamy coconut flavour and it work as an E-liquid.

Jacket Potato

Another simple food that is beloved by many, the jacket potato is enjoyed by many all over the world and its potential is limitless. After all what other food apart from pizza can you have many different accompaniments and it just work, from tuna to chilli to simple butter. So its versatility as a food is plentiful, so how does that translate into an E-liquid I hear you ask? Quite simply, the base of the flavour is the focus here with using flavours on top to perhaps not take away from the initial flavour. The flavour itself is potato and in this world of imagination, we can utilise this also for crisp flavour as previously mentioned. Having a strong potato flavour ish both tasteless and yet present, as you would expect it to be. When you start to combine other flavours in there then it could potentially work. We use butter type flavours in other E-liquids such as popcorn so you would simply have to translate that on top of a potato base and you get a completely different flavour experience. Same as using other flavours in this list such as beans or cheese, balance it right and it would in theory work.

Would this flavour work? As a base absolutely it would work as it would be mild and similar to a cake style base. It is what you combine with such a flavour in a way that doesn’t overpower it that would determine this so it would be a light flavour compared to others. The idea here is that it would blend in a way over both the inhale and exhale that doesn’t overpower the taste-buds. So if crisp makers can make a jacket potato flavour, surely Drip hacks wizards could have a go at turning it into an E-liquid?


The bigger question when it comes to savoury flavours is would anyone even want one? That is the million dollar question here because in all honesty we can have a little fun but if vapers don’t want them then even the very best of these would never see the light of day. You may have read through some of these and probably thought that we have gone a little mad and maybe we have. The issue with savoury flavours isn’t that they can’t work, it is more the focus on what could well be possible. As mentioned at the beginning you won’t get a fish and chips flavour because that would turn anyone’s stomach but a crisp fresh salad would in theory work. That is the key word here, in theory, we could make an E-liquid much like a Wonka piece of gum that feeds you a full meal but if it doesn’t taste nice then would you buy it? Even taking some of these ideas and turning them, a curry that uses the element in theory by focusing on the fruit rather than the spice may be the best flavour you have never tried. After all, the experiences on our taste buds when it comes to vaping is only just beginning, who knows how amazing our next flavour of the month may well end up being.

Let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in any of these flavours or suggest any that you feel would work. Who knows? One day we may bring it to life and let you have the first experience of a vapable savoury flavour.

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  1. Sue Walker says:

    I’m looking to find someone to duplicate a flavor I got in the US, a mix of clove and red hot, it’s sweet, and spicy. It was blended up specially for me by a vape shop in so Arizona, any way to do that? Thanks

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