Side Effects of Vaping

Here at Driphacks, we believe your health and satisfaction is of up-most importance as we cover a range of products for both new and experienced vapers alike. We know that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking but that does not always mean it is without side effects. We aren’t talking growing an extra limb or turning invisible, but simply minor ailments that perhaps even the most experienced of you didn’t realise was caused by vaping. This isn’t like THAT video on YouTube from a few years back, but effects that can be easily remedied if you follow our guide. For new vapers, this guide is a great way to counter any of these effects before you even experience them. Remember, vaping is not healthy, however it is much safer than smoking so it is only ever recommended for smokers looking to quit. So let’s take a look at some possible side effects of vaping and what you can do to prevent them.

Dry Mouth

This is probably one of the most common side effects of vaping and most of us probably experience this at some point. Havre you ever felt unnecessarily thirsty or your mouth dryer than it should be whilst vaping? You aren’t alone and it has a very simple solution.

The reason why you experience dry mouth is through the Propylene Glycol that is part of E-Liquid being a dry experience when inhaled. The Vegetable Glycerine by comparison is quite moist but the PG can dry your mouth out when regularly vaping. Depending on your ratio of E-Liquid and style of vaping, you may experience dry mouth this way quite regularly or hardly ever, with high PG liquids chain vaped will cause the effect much more, same as a 50/50 E-Liquid sub ohmed. You may even experience this in higher VG liquids if chain vaped enough when combined with the flavourings. Essentially when you are vaping for long periods of time, the dry mouth effect is like becoming dehydrated in your mouth/throat area.

So how to solve/prevent this issue if it can be very common? Drink more water! As easy as this may sound, it actually works. When you are vaping for more than the odd pull, have a drink, water is ideal but any hydrating drink. No need for any fancy medicines or remedies, just a glass of water to replace the fluid in your mouth. As long as you keep replacing the moisture in your mouth then you will find that you may never experience this.


Another fairly common side effect with vaping is getting mild headaches, normally focused in the front of the head. This can be quite unpleasant when casually vaping, none of us really want to be taking paracetamol to vape after all. However there there are two root causes for getting headaches, both very much avoidable.

The first cause of headaches when vaping is linked to above, dehydration. If you aren’t drinking enough when vaping then as well as a dry mouth, left unchecked it can mimic the whole effect of dehydration and lead to getting a headache. Much like above, this is caused by the PG in your E-Liquid so inhaling too much of the stuff will create the effect that will cause headaches if left unchecked for too long. These headaches will be minor and unpleasant rather than painful.

The second cause of headaches in vaping sounds far worse than it actually is, nicotine overdose. I know that sounds like it would be fatal but It is as dangerous as not drinking enough. You are more likely to experience is if you are chain vaping 6mg E-Liquid sub ohm style or a high 15-18mg MTL style. This is not exact and chain vape enough can cause this at any strength. What is happening is you are taking in too much nicotine in too short space of time for your body to keep up. Much like smoking several cigarettes in short succession, you are still inhaling the nicotine very quickly and not counter balancing it like you normally would by taking breaks. These headaches are probably going to be slightly more unpleasant than a dehydration due to the different effect taking place so it should be easy to distinguish this from the former.

So how do you avoid these side effects when vaping? For the headaches caused by dehydration, the answer is again drink more water as you vape. The more you hydrate, the less your body is going to react against the dryness and as a result, you won’t ever experience this. What about the nicotine caused headaches? Slow down, take them as a warning you are vaping too much too quickly. They aren’t serious but they are your body’s way of telling you that you are vaping too much, so slow down and pace your vaping time. If you pace your vaping, in either style, you won’t ever experience this, so vape in moderation.

Head rush / Dizziness

This side effect is much less common than the above and to be fair, very situational to your vaping set up. This will be more exclusive to new vapers rather than experienced ones who have settled on what strength they vape at.

So why does vaping make you feel dizzy? It is solely the cause of the nicotine you are inhaling being too strong and creating a buzz of sorts. Chances are most of us won’t remember what it felt like when we first took our first cigarettes but it is what has always been affectionately referred to in Liverpool at least as ‘niccy’ rush. I am sure you have your own term for this, depending on where you are from. So the dizzy / head rush effect is from consuming more nicotine than your body is used to handle so you are getting the full effect of nicotine entering the body. You haven’t got the tolerance for the level of nicotine so you feel a very mild drug effect whilst your body is adjusting. This won’t be a long term thing and the more you vape, the more tolerance you will build up for nicotine.

So how do you prevent this from happening? There are two ways but here at Drip Hacks, we only recommend one. You can prevent this from happening by downgrading your strength of your nicotine in the E-Liquid to a level your body isn’t used to. If you are a new vaper then chances are you have gone straight for the 18mg even if you only smoked 10 a day. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man it is fair to say so we recommend that you lower your strength rather than try and create a new tolerance. If you are looking to vape to quit smoking, it would not be recommended to push your tolerance higher, making it more difficult to reduce it further down the line in regards to cravings.

If you smoke 10 a day, why not try to jump in at around 12mg instead of 18mg? If you feel it isn’t helping then gradually move the strength up until it does, you may find yourself lowering the nicotine much faster if you do.

Sore Throat

Another symptom that isn’t as common as you would think it would be is a sore throat from vaping. Of course this can be unpleasant and although there isn’t a simple solution for this, we can narrow it down to two possible causes to try and remove the chance of it happening.

The first possible cause of a sore throat from vaping is actually part of a bigger issue, an allergy to PG in your E-Liquid. Although PG being used in every E-Liquid means this should be more common than it is, your body can have a negative reaction to inhaling large amounts of PG each day and as such, you can get a side effect such as this. You may find there is more mild symptoms than just a sore throat but the chance of having a bad allergy to PG is extremely rare, which would also affect someone’s use of an asthma inhaler as well. It will be quite distinguishable from the other root cause of sore throats as you will find this more prominent with new vapers who have started MTL style rather than Sub Ohm.

The second cause of this is more specific, it can be a reaction to the coil you are using in your tank. Your vaping coils are made from different metal types and as such, can have different effects on each user. One of the formerly most popular coil metals was nickel, which was known to have this reaction in some vapers. Much the same as other metals such as stainless steel, kanthal etc there is always a chance that the metal type causes a negative reaction and can lead to a minor sore throat from using it. Some metals also carry a more specific use compared to others, for example Stainless Steel coils are more designed to be used in temperature control, compared to kanthal which has a more standard vaping use.

So how do you solve a sore throat? Hopefully by identifying the issue from the above potential causes. If you think it is down to a mild PG allergy then changing the E-Liquid ratio to a more VG heavy liquid will eliminate this issue. I myself found to have developed a minor allergy when I started vaping, using VG heavy E-liquids eliminated this issue, with changing vaping styles to compensate for the higher VG ratio.

If the issue is through the coil then the first thing to do is to have a check to see if your particular tank has different coil types available. Depending on brand / tank, there may be different coil types for different purposes, so it might be as simple of changing the coil you use. Additionally, changing your vaping style may help with this issue as well. Moving from MTL which is more throat dependant to sub ohm which is a direct inhale may circumnavigate the issue you are having. There are plenty of tanks available that are designed for low power sub ohm vaping, with some even designed to cater for two different styles within the same device.

If the sore throat persists despite trying the above solutions then consult your doctor for further advice.


Hands up who had a smokers cough whilst being a smoker? I know I did, especially when the weather was colder outside. It is one of the biggest side effects of smoking so if you are vaping and find yourself coughing then it is easy to be dismayed. However the issue could be extremely simple with possible cause and solutions.

The first cause of coughing ties into the above points, dehydration. If it isn’t headaches that you get, the dry throat will then have a reaction into a short cough instead. Nothing serious but slightly unpleasant all the same. It is caused for much the same reasons as previously mentioned.

Another cause of a cough is more found in new vapers who find that no matter what they try it causes them to cough. You may find this cough happens ever single time you vape or it could be intermittently, making the switch to vaping unpleasant for some. There could be a few reasons why this is, one of the first to be mentioned is the adjustment to vaping from smoking. Depending on what style you decide to use to quit, your body has to get used to the new stuff you are inhaling and the new way you are doing it. After all your body was used to inhale tobacco smoke every day and you have effectively changed that overnight. If this is the case then it may be a case of only vaping when you truly need to when you first make the switch and slowly build up that way to get used to it.

You may also find that it can be down to the way you inhale the E-Liquid or the airflow itself that is causing issues. You are so used to smoking that once you start using a new device, it may be difficult habitually to make the switch over which then causes the irritation/cough when you take a pull. Again this writer had issues when they first made the switch, actually found cigalikes to be fine but once I swapped for the nautilus tank, it caused issues. The most important thing to remember is that you won’t be the only one suffering from this issue when you make the switch.

So the solutions to a cough caused by dryness is again hydration when you do vape. Chances are, if you do cough with vaping this way, you will also have the dry mouth to go with it.

For new vapers, the solution can be more long winded but it is important to remember that it doesn’t mean you can’t vape, just need to find the ideal solution. When it comes to airflow/method style of vaping causing the issue, why not visit your local store and ask to try different types of tanks to get a feel for what vaping style suits you more. It may be a case of switching to sub ohm vaping at higher/lower power levels or looking for a more airy MTL tank instead. Not all tanks are the same even if they do have the same basic function, it may just be that your tank isn’t the best for you to start with.


The final common symptom with vaping is that after a while it makes you feel sick, or at the very least a little bit funny in your stomach. It will be pleasant to hear that most vapers have probably experienced this at some point or other over their vaping journey and the solutions are still very much straight forward.

One reason why vaping may be making you feel sick is through nicotine overdose again, much like the headaches. If you are consuming too much nicotine in one go then rather than get a headache, you may experience nausea instead. This is again just a side effect from inhaling too much nicotine that you haven’t been used to before and as such, causes a mild unpleasant effect.

Another reason it may make you feel nauseous is actually down the to the flavour you are using in your E-Liquid. Yes it can be as simple as that, even if you love that flavour in other things such as fragrance or foods. As vaping flavours is different to, for example eating them, depending on the flavour it could just over a long period cause you to feel sick of it, literally. Especially as some flavours can be overpowering to different people or unpleasant altogether. You may find that a flavour in one tank is the nicest one in the world but put it in a sub ohm tank and suddenly it has the opposite effect, completely normal as the different coil types bring out different flavours within the recipe.

So the solutions to nausea depend on what the issue is but both are very simple. If you think it is down to the level of nicotine use then use a lower strength E-Liquid or try to use that strong one less often. If you aren’t getting the head rush element then use it only when you need to and let your body adjust to the nicotine deliverance change from smoking. If the problem is your flavour then, as you guessed it, change flavour. Change flavour profile, if fruits or sweet liquids are having that effect then change to a dessert. All E-Liquids are different, here at Drip Hacks alone we have flavours that range from extremely sweet to rich and deep. So try another flavour and see if it continues.


There can be more serious side effects with vaping that unfortunately do not have an easy solution. In such a case then consult your Doctor for advice on how to overcome these issues. In some small cases, the answer may be that vaping may not be for you, as with anything it doesn’t have a 100% effective rate. However whatever the issue may be, know there is no reason to give up on vaping as it has been proven to be the most effective way of quitting smoking so far. Side effects for the most part are rare in vaping with many easy solutions / preventions to ensure you never have to experience them. We hope this guide has helped you, if nothing else to put your mind at ease as to why you keep getting thirsty or have a headache, there is always a simple answer to any problem when it comes to vaping.

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