Smok Mag P3- Mod of the year?

Smok have one hell of a year given where they were 2 years ago.  Once were the punchline in the vaping industry, 2 new mods every month with no quality control it seemed, how things have changed for them.  It started with the release of the E-Priv that brought both quality and reliability back into the Smok products and 12 months on we have reached the pinnacle of the upturn of fortune.  A successor to one of the best selling mods of modern times, I bring to you the Smok Mag P3.

The Mag P3 is everything you could want from a vaping  kit which is why it makes it so strange to be able to say that.  I remember back with my original Mag that despite the unconventional design it seemed to do things really well.  That is what made it more disappointing that it gave up the ghost long before it should have.  Since then we had the Mag Grip release last December and that turned the whole idea on its head.  A single battery device that changed the design aimed at comfort, it was not as big a hit as expected but it did sell well.  So where does the Mag P3 come in?  It is the evolution of the Mag series, it brings a whole new way of thinking when it comes to Smok, but is it any good?  Before we look at that, let’s go into the details first.


In the Box

  • Mag P3 Mod
  • TFV16 Tank Standard Edition
  • 2Ω Conical Mesh NexMesh Coil (pre-installed)
  • 12Ω Dual Mesh Coil
  • Silicone Sleeve for Bulb Glass
  • Replacement straight glass
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare parts



  • Dimensions – 150mm x 72mm x 36mm
  • Weight – 345.5g
  • Power Output – 1-230W
  • Battery – 2x 18650
  • Capacity – 9ml TFV16 (2ml TFV-Mini Tank for TPD)

About the Smok Mag P3

The Mag P3 is the latest release from Smok that takes the Mag series and turns it on its head in a  very big way.  The device is a 230w mod powered by 2 x 18650 batteries and comes with a touch screen style control.  The device comes with a 510 plate on top, capable of housing up to 30mm atomisers without overhang and a battery hinge door on the bottom replacing the former battery Mag design that inspired the name.  It has a full colour screen, fire trigger button and coated in a silicone rubber style for comfort and protection.  What the P3 stands for is the most surprising addition yet.  The screen has a slide to unlock function, 2 clicks for stealth mode and 5 clicks to turn off the device.  The Mag P3 is dustproof, shock proof and waterproof, being able to survive a drop and come out unscathed.

Moving onto the inside of the device and the full colour screen comes with complete touch control.  The screen displays all the relevant information with ohms, volts, battery indicators, wattage and puffs.  On screen buttons allow you to alter the wattage and pressing the fire button will lock the screen to prevent any further adjustments.  Pressing the menu button in the top left corner allows you to navigate the menus and it brings up a choice of different options.  You can change to the different vaping modes ( wattage, TC), memory modes, options including background colour and the usual bits, and the option to set a pass code if you want that little bit extra protection.


Colour Options

Mag P3 Pros

There is no other way to start this other than saying how refreshing it is to use a mod that has been very well designed.  Smok have evolved the original Mag over 2 years and come up with something that actually stands out for once, even for them.  The comfort of holding the device is fantastic, the curved body fits right in your hand and makes it a mod you can carry around without really noticing.  The top plate being as big as it is without looking out of place is fantastic as well and being able to house bigger atomisers on top is going to be great for all you power tank RTA users out there.  The battery door is nice and secure with no accidental openings in all the time I was using it.  The Trigger fire button is perfectly placed to rest on your finger so no matter the size of your hands it will feel natural when firing.  Battery life is decent for dual 18650 mod, with probably only the 120 watt tank packaged with it draining far more than it really should.  You can get around a days use out of this one before you have to recharge the batteries.  The protections are the real star here and a device that both works really well and can survive far more than just wear and tear makes it perfect as a carry out device.

Moving onto the inside and this is where the design starts to come to life a little bit more.  The touch screen slide to unlock is designed wonderfully to require a slow drag rather than  quick, just to remove any accidental openings.  The touch screen is responsive and even with wet fingers it seemed to register my touch really well.  The options are limited but it keeps the device simple to use and aimed at the causal vaper that this sort of device would be aimed at.  The automatic screen lock when firing is another welcome addition to the device and again it just makes it a little bit more secure than most other touch screen mods on the market.  The device is lovely and responsive with fast firing from the second you press the button and the latest Smok Chip set is an incredible improvement on their previous staple design that cookie cut the system into what felt like 50 different mods.

Mag P3 Cons

The first con for me is going to be the obvious one if you have ever owned a protection style device before and that is the weight.  This isn’t a light device by any means and although the comfort allows you to carry it around without noticing, In a pocket it will be.  It is pretty standard for this type of device but if you want a portable mod then this may not be for you.  The next con for me is the stealth mode, why even have one?  I have noticed when trying to lock the device that it can sometimes just move into stealth mode instead. Now in my experience I had no accidental fires as a result of this which leads to more clicks to get the desired result.  It may have worked better without the stealth mode to be honest, it doesn’t really benefit the device.  Similarly with the shut off option after 5 clicks asking you first.  It just slows the process down somewhat when all you want is swiftness.

Looking at the device overall and another sticking point with the device is going to be the size of the thing, perfect for those power vapers but if you want something more small and less fancy then this won’t be the device for you.  Other than that, there really isn’t much else you can say about the Mag P3, it is just a really well designed device.



Before this arrived I did know deep down it was going to be a big heavy device.  After all, it is meant to be powerful and sturdy, every other protection mod has carried extra weight.  Once you start using it though it will hopefully start to change your mind about Smok being the inferior brand on the market because this really does perform exceptionally.  Whether it is through responsiveness, battery life or sturdiness, this really is one of the best mods on the market right now.  It is a fantastic example of a company actively evaluating and redeveloping ideas to improve constantly, comparing this to the original Mag is like chalk and cheese now.  The Mag P3 is superior in every way and it shows that Smok have made massive strides to back up their name in the industry again with actual quality products.

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