Steeping E-juice: All You Need to Know

steeping e-juice

There’s a lot of talk and debate about steeping e-juice in the world of vaping; but what is steeping and how does it work? Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve broken down all you need to know about steeping e-juice, including its benefits, how different flavours differ and the best steeping method.

What is steeping?

First of all, what actually is steeping? When it comes to vaping, steeping refers to the method of leaving your e-juice to sit for a specific amount of time, in order to enrich its flavour and better blend all its components. During this ageing process, the e-juice is exposed to oxidation through the air, a chemical reaction that serves to bring out the flavours of your e-juice and darken its colour.


steeping e-juice

What are the benefits of steeping e-juice?

If you’re seeking the maximum flavour, steeping e-juice is a simple and effective way to enjoy a heightened vaping experience.

Particularly beneficial for those who have created their own DIY e-juice, the steeping process can help to ensure the best flavour of your final product and prevent a chemical taste. Additionally, while steeping e-juice can help enhance flavours, the ageing process can also help to soften harsh and over-sweet e-liquids and create a more palatable flavour.

Ultimately, steeping e-juice is popular because it allows better control of your flavour preferences, whether that’s pre-bought or homemade e-liquids.


steeping e-juice

How long should I steep my e-juice for?

The steeping time for each of your e-liquids depends largely on personal preference and its flavour category:

Fruit and Menthol Flavours –  Fruity flavours require the least amount of steeping time, as steeping for too long can have the opposite effect and lead them to lose flavour. We recommend 1-2 days.
Desert and Tobacco Flavours – Complex flavour blends like these require a longer steeping time in order to bring out maximum flavour notes. We recommend 2-4 weeks.

The ideal time spent steeping your e-juice may take some experimentation, as it will vary on its ingredients, the complexity of its flavour blends and your personal taste.

And which is the best method?

There are a variety of different methods for steeping e-juice you may have heard about, including using heat sources for a quicker result. However, here at Drip Hacks, we only recommend the simplest and most traditional of all the steeping methods: leaving your e-juice to stand.

The Standing Method

  1. Store your e-juice in a warm, dark place such as a cupboard or wardrobe.
  2. Periodically shake the liquid to mix it.
  3. Occasionally remove the lid in order to air the liquid and enable oxidation.

Using this tried-and-tested method allows you to check the steeping progress of your e-juice in stages, ensuring a far more controlled end result.


steeping e-juice


Whether you want to get more kick from your e-juices, refine their flavours or ensure the best result from your DIY mixes, steeping can offer many benefits that help you get the best from your vape. Once you’ve taken into account your e-juice flavour category and its necessary steeping time, steeping can be an easy way to experiment with your flavour preferences and enhance your vaping experience.

Ready to try steeping? Explore a huge range of e-juice flavours to choose from here at Drip Hacks, as well as the starter kit you need to make your own DIY e-liquids at home.

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