Whether you’re new to vaping or are just looking for more flavours to explore, here at Drip Hacks, we’ve curated a range of e liquid concentrates to take your vaping experience to a new level. From powerful sours to delicious desserts and retro sweets, we’ve broken down our flavour categories to help you pick your new favourites.

Our e liquid flavour categories:

Dessert e liquid concentrates

DripHacks Dessert eliquid concentrate hackshot

Got a thing for decadent desserts? Our dessert e liquid concentrates range enables you to indulge your taste buds all day with a selection of rich and creamy dessert flavours to choose from. At Drip Hacks, we’ve created a range of delicious dessert flavour e liquid concentrates that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for butterscotch, creamy custard, jam roly poly or even American cereal flavours, our dessert flavour blends provide you with the most popular and nostalgic flavours on hand throughout the day.

Sweet e liquid concentrates

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Alternatively, you can choose from our sweet e liquid concentrates to help satisfy that insatiable sweet tooth. From tangy and tropical fruits to soda pops and classic throw-back ice-cream flavours, our sweet flavour blends bring you all your favourite sweet treats in mouthwatering and unique combinations. Whether you’re looking for sweet and refreshing or tangy and tart, our tantalisingly tasty sweet treats satisfy every craving.

Fruity e liquid concentrates

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If fruity flavour fusions are more your thing, our fruity e liquid concentrates range provides you with the pick of the bunch. From bananas to strawberries, passion fruits to pineapples, whether you’re looking for classic woodland berry blasts or a tasty tropical medley, our fruity e liquid concentrates collection is full of unique flavour blends to try. With everything from a mouthwatering fruit punch to super sweet fruity treats, you can explore fruit flavours are sure to become your new favourites.

Sour e liquid concentrates

DripHacks Sour eliquid concentrate hackshot

If you’re more about powerful sours than sweet treats, our range sour e liquid concentrates is the one for you. Whether you’re looking for a seriously sour or for just a hint of tartness, our range of sour e liquid concentrates has been formulated to offer something for everyone. From refreshing pink lemonade to blue raspberry and other delicious sour fruity fusions, you can find a range of unique combinations to try that give your vape an extra kick.

Cold and Cryo e liquid concentrates

DripHacks Ice Cold eliquid concentrate hackshot

At Drip Hacks, we’ve created a range of e liquid flavour concentrates infused with refreshing coolants that give your favourite flavour blends an invigorating upgrade. Our cold range includes minty menthol mixes that give your throat a hit and particularly complements our delicious fruity blends. Want an extra icy experience? Try our Cryo range. Mixed with the even colder coolant WS-23, our Cryo range brings an intensely fresh hit to your vape and turns tropical and woodland berry blends into refreshingly frosty fusions.

Flava Hacks

driphacks vape eliquid enhancers

And finally, if you’re looking to really enhance all your e liquid concentrates, you can find all you need in our Flava Hacks range. Simply add our Koolada WS-23 or menthol to create your own icy flavours, our Sour Flava Hack to create cheek-suckingly sour flavours or our Ulta Sweet Flava Hack to make your fruity flavours even more deliciously sweet. Formulated to complement and intensify all our categories, our Flava Hacks allows you to perfect and create your own favourite flavours for your vape.

Whichever flavour category tempts your tastebuds, you can find a huge variety of e liquid concentrates to choose from within our One-Shots range here at Drip Hacks.