Vapers Perspective- The Positives of Vaping

So if you read our recent article on how vapers perceive the industry negatively it will all seem doom and gloom. After all, you read about people’s grumbles for too long and you start to feel the same, they had a point in what they were saying after all. However I didn’t want to read about our industry, our community as a negative because we are all part of it. It is why we vape, why we got into it in the first place. There are plenty of great things in the industry right now and I wanted to explore what people thought of them. So I again asked the vaping community what they thought and from then, I could share some of their feedback. There are plenty of positives from the community, more so then I could fit inside one article, so I narrowed them down into the most important points, where people still found that enjoyment or positivity in their hobby.

My perspective on the industry from a positive viewpoint is that there has never been a better time to start vaping and for choice and ways to vape it has never been wider. There are products out there for many different types of people and plenty of choice in flavours. Given the market for E-liquids is massive now, there are plenty of companies who have experimented and created flavours that are beyond what was thought possible only a few years ago. Whether it is a tropical mix that tastes like real fruit in your tank or a dessert that has all the notes of a cake in a bottle, there is plenty out there. When it comes to mods there is plenty of different choices in all shapes and sizes, tanks have been pushed beyond the basic sub ohm from 2015 and replicate even the very best hand built experiences. Communities have grown and friends have been made, you aren’t a vaper on the internet if you haven’t found a You-tube video helpful at any point or found a comfort in popular vaping groups just like our own one. Whether you are a new vaper or experienced one, it is fantastic to be able to discover new things or to settle in your ways, a far cry from when we all started and had no idea what to do. Enough of my thoughts though, let’s turn it over to what you guys fed back, the positives of vaping.

Choice of products

To echo my own thoughts, one of the biggest feedback from you guys was that there is plenty of choice out there for vapers and plenty to still discover. Whether it is a new flavour or new tank / mod to stumble upon, unless you are out there buying every brand new item there is then people enjoy the wide range of products available. Within the Drip Hacks community alone, they talk about the excitement of the flavour of the month reveal, wondering what new flavour we have came up with this time, praying for the fabled Iron Bru. The concept of the new is still very much a positive for vapers out there, trying new products and discovering a new favourite. Mods can be a fashion accessory for many so with so many out there, you can easily still find a brand new one that can be the perfect finishing touch. For new vapers out there, they haven’t left the surface of what is available just let and see the hundreds of different mods for sale as exciting as we did all those years ago. Although slowing down, the different sub ohm tanks released offer a brand new experience to even seasoned vapers. There was a time when we knew what sub ohm vaping was, then Horizontech turned it on its head. For vapers still, the choice explodes the magic of vaping that we all experienced at one point and for every person making that switch and falling head first into their brand new hobby.

For the future many vapers are still excited for what is still to come in terms of choice. Away from the scepticism of many vapers, there are plenty more who see the future as a positive, pod or no pod. There is the hope of that brand new coil technology that may make earthquakes in what is possible in sub ohm vaping. For MTL vapers, the push for pods means they are excited on how good vaping may taste a year from now. There is still excitement for their new flavour experience from their E-liquids and finding that all day vape that they have yet to discover. So right now the industry still remains exciting for many vapers who all hope that everything just gets better and better. Perhaps for vapers who see the negative right now, trying a new product may be the best remedy to cure those vaping blues. No matter what, optimism is at an all time high despite what you may read online.

Communities online

Another interesting point that was raised was that for many vapers, having online communities to be a part of was still very much a positive thing for them, no matter how underground they felt they had become. Last time out one of the main things that many vapers who had been around a whole felt was that the community was dead due to the heavy restrictions placed upon their communities. For many others, it still remains a beacon of of their interest, whether it was a forum or a Facebook group. It is easy to forget that for every Mr know it all vaper out there there is 10 more who are new to the hobby, who don’t know ohms law or what a RDA is. All they know is that they want a new mod or tank and want somewhere to find it. For many vapers, they want a haven where they can talk to other vapers about their hobby and to connect to other like minded people. Vaping communities online still offer that, joining somewhere like the Drip Hacks group on Facebook or signing up to the forum on the site or anywhere else still open. For that burning question people may have, the curiosity of the vaping world or simply to talk about their brand new find, they are sure to find like minded individuals who share that same passion. Even if communities are like a speak easy for vapers these days, there is still that passion, that togetherness that you won’t find in many other places.

Vaping communities represent more than just a place to ask a question, they represent far more to many out there. How many friends have been made bonding over a simple shared passion, people who you may never have come across before. It isn’t just new vapers who feel this way, many experienced vapers also share the love for their community. Logging on to talk to their fellow vapers, whether it is about the real world goings on or about the latest product coming out, the passion still soaks through each and every member. Even the most negative out there are still enthusiastic when it comes to things like this, still remain part even if they choose to complain about it. Vaping online is still very much a vibrant and positive community for the many and long may it continue.

Content Creators going further than the reviews

Away from the vaping communities, plenty of people are more than happy with the amount of advice offered within the wider community and it does contrast previous thoughts about the online vaping world. It did seem that vapers found a lot of the online world commercialised as previously discussed but many vapers contest this for a much deeper meaning than a simple review. There was a lot of mentions of YouTube content creators offering helpful video articles, talking more deeper about issues that affect them. They are interested to hear about the issues for vapers overseas and the fight they are taking to their own governments. It is bringing the wider issues to life for them, far more than simply reading about it in a group somewhere. Vapers see these content creators far more than just reviewers now and subscribe to see the real world happening. It seems when you stop focussing on the products and start talking about everything else, vapers open up to what you have to say, as long as you aren’t just doing it for more subscribers. It is the passion here that really stands out for fellow hobbyists, it is both relatable and interesting.

When vape reviewers simply focus on the here and now in terms of the product, it is easy to just switch off. Especially if that excitement is long gone on the brand new sub ohm tank for the 50th time that year. However the ones who fight, the ones who blog their real world and talk about it with passion, that is what vapers are really connecting to much more. There is certainly a niche in this area that we could get into another time but truth be told, there needs to be much more of this to win back the community over to the likes of YouTube. Create content rather than reviews and you will win far more hearts than simply sharing your views on a particular product.

Help and advice when they want it

Another aspect of the online community that many vapers fed back on being a positive is help and positivity within the online world of vaping. It can be easy to forget sometimes that not all vapers are experts and not all of them have been vaping for 10 years and have forgotten more than the rest will ever know. So many vapers see the positivity in the amount of help they get online in many different places now for everyone who takes their time out to help. You can go online to YouTube and get wicking guides, how to videos, videos breaking down exactly how to use a product, take it apart and fix any issues you may have. There is plenty of content out there (like here) about how to make your own E-Liquids written by fellow vapers, talking in a way that is meant to help rather than inform. You can go online to social media communities and get help and advice from other vapers when you just have one question that needs to be answered there and then. Is Drip Hacks trusted? Is Drip Hacks the Illuminati? Are Drip Hacks taking over the world? All examples of questions that you may not find answers to on a search engine but would find within the community on Facebook or the forum.

Even on other sites that are long standing, there is plenty of help and guidance from real vapers who have simply taking time out of their day to write an informative piece. No profit, no incentive but to help the many new vapers visiting their site. This is the best that the community has to offer, to help and inform, to break down the glass wall in taking your hobby further. Every single vaper at some point has looked at a RDA or a bottle of Vegetable Glycerine and been fearful of taking that next step and it has been the community that has not only eased them but helped them along their way.

Vape Shops being accessible

Last time out there was some negativity when it came to the physical vape shop that you find everywhere around the country. However when reaching out to the community, there were plenty this time who were vocal in the positives of having vape shops up and down the country. For the experts out there, a vape shop down your local high street is not the most exciting place to visit, whether it be for stock choice, advice from the workers or simply on the price point. However for your average vaper, it can be a god send when you have ran out of E-liquid or need a new coil ASAP. It is this this accessibility, whether it s Vaping R US the chain store or a supermarket counter on your weekly shopping trip that turns the accessibility for all vapers into wide open. When the online shopping is online, there are waits for products, forward planning and waiting until payday, with the vape shop, that is not the case. You don’t need to pay £15 for that pack of coils anymore, pay £3 for one to keep you going. You don’t need to wait over the weekend for your Drip Hacks starter kit to arrive, you can buy a bottle at your local Drip Hacks store in a short-fill version to get you excited for the kit to come. The vape shop may not be ideal for when you don’t know what you want but many vapers love them for the times that they do. Given that they are local, that 3 days for the post to turn up or that 20 minutes and impulse buy of the latest Drip Hacks flavour along with it is far more exciting to do.

There is always the case of supporting your local business but the fact that these businesses exist, no matter how franchised or personalised they may be, vapers love them. For a bigger picture as well, how many smokers have wandered into a vape shop and started their quitting journey from there? I for one did just that 6 years ago. So for every dad, mum, grandparent etc who have no idea what a coil or a wick is but could just walk into the shop near them and buy a kit to start them off, that is why vapers can still show love for the vape shop, they continue to help people quit and offer them that support afterwards that an online business just cannot do.


So taking a deeper dive into the communities and the industry is not all doom and gloom, it is positive in the eyes of the vapers who choose to see that positivity everywhere. Like I said at the beginning this is only a small amount of the positive feedback that was shared by YOU, the community. Whether or not you have changed vaping style, shopping style or your viewing habits, there are plenty who do still see the joys and happiness in the wider vaping world.

Hopefully we have offered a great cross balance with these articles to weigh up both the good and the bad we would love to know what you think so make sure to join in the discussions and perhaps you will find your thoughts on here next time.

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