Having vaping as a hobby is a curious thing.  After all, we all saw the massive savings when we made the switch from smoking and yet chances are you are spending far more money than ever before on vaping.  Whether it be coils for your tank, new liquids every month or a brand new piece of hardware, with many choices out each month alone, there is always a case of chasing shiny like a magpie as long as the funds in your pocket don’t run out.  So with that being said, sometimes it can be hard to vape when your budget is a little low, especially when your favourite liquid may be a little too pricey now or you are running low on coils.  So here at Drip Hacks we want to guide you through those tough times, or maybe help you adapt to make sure you can keep vaping when budgets change.


Why not go back to smoking?


I have seen this message on social media so many times over the years with people talking about not being able to afford to keep vaping.  Perhaps you have seen them yourself, the ‘help me otherwise I will end up back smoking again’ style of posts.  Sounds silly right?  Maybe the thought has crossed your mind but the truth is, the reason you shouldn’t just go back to smoking is because you really don’t want to.  All those chemicals, ingredients, harmful inhalants in each pull?  Why did you make the switch in the first place?  Not to mention the price of them these days, well over a tenner a pack last time I checked, for what, a day or two worth of smoking before buying more and more, and more…you see where I am going with that.  So this is why this article exists, to hopefully show you even when money is tight you really can keep on vaping.

Make your own coils


This one seems very self explanatory but the benefit not to mention cost is astronomically different. The price of a regular pack of coils is usually around £10-15 which depending on user factors, can last a month or two.  Overall, at the very best you are looking at paying at least 60 pounds a year, possibly more just on stock coils.  It all adds up and perhaps you can understand why you were able to buy that tank so cheaply in the first place.  So consider making your own coils?  The price of cotton and wire is around a 10th of your pack of coils, potentially 5 pounds for both can last you those 6 months alone once you figure out how to do it.  What’s more, we have a fantastic how to guide telling you just how you can start building!

You aren’t limited to just drippers neither, many stock coil tanks sell rebuildable bases to be able to build with.  There is plenty of affordable and easy to build with RTAs on the market that can be picked up in a sale.  For the price of a pack of coils you could have both tank and coils to last you months, too good to be true?  Absolutely not, plus once you know how to build then the sky is the limit when it comes to vaping, even within the confines of your budget.


Buy an internal battery mod


External battery devices are fantastic aren’t they?  They can give fantastic performance, long battery life and easily swap out batteries when one set dies.  Simply recharge and away you go again, no way you can get cheaper than that surely?  Consider getting yourself an internal mod instead.  What’s the difference you may ask?  Well once you stop having to buy external batteries, it brings the cost of vaping down lower again.  As the years have gone by, more and more companies have developed their own internal battery device that often mirrors their external counterpart.  Simply charge as you go, in the short term there may not be a saving but once it is time to maintain or replace those batteries, then the cost starts growing.

A simple switch over the long term can save you plenty of pounds that can stay in your pocket, it isn’t too much of a saving but we are covering all bases here.


Reduce the power


Another way you can lower the cost of vaping is to lower the power in your vape.  That doesn’t mean just turn your mod down, more roll back from sub ohm vaping to MTL vaping instead.  You will use less power, giving you better battery life and consume significantly less E Liquid than in your former set up.  What’s more, you can partner it up with some nicotine salts to give you that nic hit that satisfies without losing the enjoyment of vaping.

Furthermore, if you aren’t into a MTL tank set up, make the switch to pod vaping?  You can get both an internal battery device and a lower powered vape that is designed for nic salts in one small cheap package.  With the abundance of pod systems on the market today, there is plenty of quality out there for a fraction of the price than upon release.  Making a simple switch to a pod or MTL vaping style makes your Eliquid last longer, still give yourself that nic hit you want and make those pounds last longer.


Make your own E Liquid


Another massive money saver is making your own E Liquid using Drip Hacks Concentrates, the cost of doing so is amazing and it is so easy to do.  You can always refer to our DIY Guide if you want tips on how to start up but for now, let me tell you why you should start making your own Eliquid.

The cost of making your own Eliquid is surprisingly cheap, not as much as coils but still you can save a lot from making it yourself over buying it pre made as usual.  All you need is some vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and some nicotine with whatever flavour you want and away you go.  It doesn’t have to be some exotic mix of fruits , a simple strawberry will do. The average cost of making your own can be as little as 10 pound a litre of E liquid, that is right, as cheap as that.  The more nicotine you need the more expensive it will be but ask yourself, how long would a litre of E Liquid last you if you got given it today?  For the price of one bottle of your favourite you could have months worth all whilst saving money.  Best still, you can find all of these items on the Drip Hacks website so we have everything you need all under one roof.

Perhaps you have some spare cash and want to cut out the middle man?  Well then here at Drip Hacks we have fantastic hack shots available as well.  Simply add your VG/PG and nic and shake and you are done.  Again they are fantastic value,especially if you have the spare ingredients lying around and can bag you 250 mils of wonderfully tasting Eliquid for only around £8.99.



Hopefully this guide helps you even just a little bit in the way of saving money because ultimately isn’t that what we all want to do each month?  Vaping doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many ways to achieve that.  Simply swapping out your stock coil tank for a rebuildable and making your own Eliquid will save you a fortune every month and make vaping that little bit cheaper for you.  Most of the recommendations here do include making a purchase in the short term but with the long term cost benefits in mind.


We should all enjoy vaping, no matter the cost or the build.  So maybe make a small change today and reap the reward of the savings in the future!