What does your E-Liquid say about you?

When it comes to your E-liquid, your favourite flavours may just be what you enjoy vaping, or perhaps they are an impulse buy. After all, you keep vaping on fruity flavours but you aren’t sure why because that dessert flavour sounds all too tempting. So what if I told you that maybe there is more to it then your taste buds, your flavour preferences can reveal your personality? Sounds too good to be true right? Perhaps not, here at Drip Hacks we aim to break barriers and perhaps offering a psychological breakdown on whatever hack shot profiles you prefer is a great place to start.

So join us whilst we take a look at what your E-Liquid says about you. If we are right, why not tell us in the comments below.

Simple Fruit Flavours

The basis of any vapers collection, a nice simple fruit flavour whether it be strawberry, blackcurrant or even a fancy mango. Simple flavours are bold, easy and fun with none of the thrills or layers that a more complex recipe brings to the table. Vapers who buy the simple fruit flavours may prefer the simplicity or maybe they find themselves just wanting easy flavours. Vapers who use simple fruits are happy, positive people who lack that little bit of excitement in their lives but don’t care due to their sunny demeanour. Their simple fruits represent their switch to vaping without trying to over complicate things, swapping tobacco for pear is their way of telling themselves that they finally quit smoking for good. You can find the simple fruit flavour vapers watching whatever movie is on that week without a real care in the world of who is in it. You listen to whatever is popular at any given time and know all the words to Moves Like Jagger like a badge of honour. The simple fruits is all they need and if they want to be a little bit more adventurous then a deep blackcurrant or an exotic mango represent letting their hair down on a Friday night.

If you are a simple fruits type of vaper then wonderful, you are the type of person who is bubbly and happy, positive and nothing will get you down. After all, who can be in a bad mood with a strawberry vape?


Tropical / mix fruits

Tropical flavours, the evolution of the simple fruits for those who fancy to be a little daring with their E-Liquid. A fruit mix can range from a nice easy mix fruit to an exotic coconut tropical flavour, like the taste of a beach in Barbados. They can be exciting and fresh, with many realistic fruit mixes offering the true taste of the holidays you can’t wait to go on each year. Vapers who choose to venture into the fruit mixes look for a little bit more excitement in their E Liquid and in life. Whether you buy that fancy brand of toilet paper or drink those fancy cocktails with an umbrella over a pint at the weekend, your brightness and excitement is for all the world to see. Those who vape tropical mixes are putting their smoking past behind them and truly embracing what vaping can potentially be, swearing the hint of apricot or mango in the flavour reminds them of last year on the beach in Salou. You like to watch the latest comedy films and listen to dance music religiously, combining both old and new to a satisfying and fun playlist.

If you are a fruits mix type of vaper then that little bit of excitement in your life is never hard to find. You never settle for the simple and always look to make things a little more enjoyable than they already are.

Drink Flavours

When you want to enjoy a nice cold drink but don’t fancy the calories associated with it, drink flavours can range from cider to a glass of cola and anything in between, Usually the black horse of the E Liquid family, enjoyed by many but never really spoken about, drinks flavours can be a fantastic vape on a warm summers day. Whether you pluck for a Mojito, lime cola or a lemonade, the choices out there are endless (except for the Drip Hacks Iron Bru!). Vapers who choose drink flavours are the laid back type who don’t let anything phase them. Drink vapers listen to indie music , keeping up with the times without having to make too much effort in having to remember who was popular last year. You enjoy the latest Fast and Furious movies and swear they are the best movie franchise of all time. Vaping is a lifestyle rather than a hobby, choosing to relax with a nice ice cold Cryo Fantasi whilst on a break at their high profile city job. They are health conscious and enjoy a spin class followed by a swim at their local leisure centre 3 times a week and can’t be seen without a fine cut suit or fancy dress with those Louis Vitton shoes.

If you enjoy a drinks vape then you enjoy life at your own pace. The hustle and bustle of the rat race doesn’t phase you and vaping has become just a fantastic part of that.


Custards are the flavours for the patient, the connoisseurs, the ones who seek absolute perfection and it reflects in their personality. The longest flavours to steep, vapers who choose custards know they are making long term investments. A custard vaper are the cash careful, the ones who enjoy the finest things in life and don’t care about the cost. Their hunt for the best custard out there will never cease and their collectable cupboard is shared with many different types of custard flavours, hitting their 6 month steep marks. Custard vapers are the rockers, the metal heads and listen beyond the shouting for those excellent guitar breakdowns and solos. You watch only the grittiest of films that try to push genres and your favourite director is Christopher Nolan. The custard vapers are those who prefer vinal for its sound quality and have a custard for each brand of whisky they drink neat. Money is no object but the custard vapers are those who drive an Aston Martin and only vape from a DNA mod with hand crafted coils in their RDA.

If you enjoy Custard vapes then a flavour is never good enough and a custard is never steeped enough. Your pursuit of the finer things is admirable and hopefully that 12 month old bottle of Butterboy in the cupboard with a dash of caramel is finally going to be the one custard that rules them all.

Dessert Flavours

Dessert flavours much like fruits can come in all shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s needs and still prove to be one of the more favoured E Liquids on the market. Whether it be cheesecake, doughnut or ice cream, there is a flavour out there for any sweet tooth. Vapers who enjoy a dessert flavour demand more from their vaping experience and complexities are the name of the game here. They don’t settle for the simply things in life, they want more and more. Adrenaline junkies, you can often see a dessert vaper having a vape before a bungee jump or white water rafting pushing their adrenaline sky high. Dessert vapers find enjoyment in the marvel universe on the big screen and listen to rap music for its poetry rather than its obscene lyrics. Doughnut flavours have to have cream and fruit, Ice creams have to taste like they are farm made and those cakes have to be the best darn toffee and butterscotch pie like that diner in America they stopped at one time. The dessert vapers demand more and do more, they want to push every moment of their vaping experience.

If you are a dessert vaper then life moves far too slow for you. You vape only the most complex flavours and demand more and do more, life at the extreme, you won’t settle for anything boring or mundane.



Tobacco is both the staple and most unloved E Liquid on the market, given its reminder of a life we would rather leave behind. Tobacco can be exquisite or it can be as nasty as they come but the most important thing is that it keeps you off the real thing. Tobacco vapers are ones that can’t quite shake the memory of their former habit and try to cling onto the last remaining remnants whilst pursuing a healthier alternative. They are the vapers who require a simple pen style device rather than an overblown cloud machine and vape because they have to rather than they want to. Many tobacco vapers who do advance through the vaping devices move onto more artful tobaccos with notes of honey, vanilla or even a dash of bourbon. They enjoy what they like and seek a more fancy version despite not wanting to deviate from the norm. They are tenacious and tough, rugged and with a will to never quit. Tobacco vapers see fruits and desserts as simply for the young and at their age they don’t want to be vaping on that silly strawberry flavour. Tobacco vapers enjoy the classics, from Mo town to the 80’s, nothing can compare to those days. You watch the old movies and only come back for a good Danny Boyle film that everyone is talking about. These vapers keep the tobacco as part of their life even after quitting for good and feel they are too old to change their ways. Tobacco vapers are the ones who use a mod for as long as it is discontinued and keep it simple at best they can, never venturing into something a little different.

If you are a tobacco vaper then take heart that you have beaten the habit no matter if the taste has never gone away. You have made the switch and kept at it, your tenacity and resilience cannot be beat. It is time to explore just how good that tobacco can be now.


Sweet flavours are the baby of the bunch as far as flavours go, with the sweet flavours only really coming into their own over the past couple of years. Sweet flavours aim to offer a taste of your childhood in E Liquid form long after the manufacturer has stopped making it. Sweet vapers are young at heart, innocent and cheerful, who see the positive in everything. They see vaping as a fun way to quit smoking and try to squeeze every ounce of that fun into their experience. They are the ones who use the vape bands and use colourful wraps on their device, with a superhero or princess design coating their favourite mod. The sweet vapers are still excited by trying new flavours and any that remind them of a sweet they can’t find in the shops is always a favourite. They listen to pop music and can still remember the dance routines to 5ive, The Spice Girls and still have that Take That poster up in their room. Sweet vapers enjoy nothing more than telling everyone about their strawberry nerds or fruit pastille E Liquid is just like they used to be, whilst queuing up to see the latest Pixar movie at the cinema.

If you are a sweet vaper then keep on enjoying that new flavour and sweet vapes for as long as you can before the custards win you over. Combining fruits and desserts essentially, you cross borders and do so with a smile on your face. Perhaps it is time to take down that Jason Orange poster in case the kids see it and make you feel old with their marshmallows and Tiny Nas’s on their I-phones.



So how did we do? Which category do you fall into? Why not let us know in the comments and perhaps we at Drip Hacks can be releasing a personality range in the near future if we aren’t far off!

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