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CBD is everywhere at the moment and you can find it in a vast array of forms including edible pills, water, oils and e-liquid. It’s been rapidly growing in popularity, but what is CBD e-liquid? Does CBD e-liquid get you high? Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve created a guide covering all you need to know.

What is CBD e-liquid?

First things first: what is CBD e-liquid exactly? CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. There are two main types of cannabis; hemp and marijuana. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is not psychoactive. Though CBD is also naturally found in marijuana, THC is the main component and a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for giving users a ‘high’. While THC and smoking marijuana is still illegal in the UK, CBD was made legal to buy, sell and possess in 2018 – which is why you may have seen such an influx in CBD products over the last year.

Why vape CBD?

Vaping allows for fast absorption and an overall relaxing, efficient CBD experience.

Vape oils typically offer CBD in its purest form as they only include a small handful of ingredients. Most are usually 100 percent pure CBD extract, plus vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients bind the vape oil and produce the clouds commonly associated with vaping.

Please note: As CBD products may cause adverse effects in some individuals or interfere with medication, it’s important to check with your GP prior to using.

Does CBD e-liquid get you high?

Due to its association with cannabis, there is often some confusion or stigma as to whether CBD is the same as marijuana. However, unlike the psychoactive properties of THC found in weed, CBD cannot induce any kind of ‘high’. CBD e-liquid is legal, non-psychoactive and generally considered perfectly safe to use (for those who have consulted their GP).

How does CBD make you feel?

Alongside ‘does CBD e-liquid get you high?’ one of the biggest questions regarding vaping it is ‘how does CBD make you feel?’. The answer is that its effects are largely subjective. For those not taking CBD for a specific medical ailment, CBD can reportedly help:

  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Lifting your mood

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD made for vaping is sometimes referred to as “CBD vape oil”, but it is important to point out that it doesn’t contain any actual oil, therefore, a better name for it would be  CBD vape juice or CBD distillate. If you’re looking to buy CBD for inhalation and it contains anything other than PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes and cannabinoids, then it’s most likely unsuitable. Please don’t take the risk, the only safe options should clearly state on the label something about vaping, vape juice, e-liquid or e-juice and again, should not contain any actual oil.

Can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid?

While there are methods of heating CBD oil in order to mix it into your e liquids, this can lead to problems such as blocking coils and potentially intaking the wrong ratio. Ready-to-use vaping CBD cartridges or pens are a much simpler and reliable method of inhaling CBD through your vape and will help you determine your required dosage.

How to vape CBD e-liquid

There are a few different devices you can use to vape CBD e-liquid, including disposable CBD vape pens, refillable vape pens, CBD vape cartridges that fit into a standard 510 battery vape pen and ‘pods’ that are compatible with popular JUUL pens. Remember, while CBD e-liquid is sometimes referred to as ‘CBD vape oil’, it does not contain actual oil. Be sure to check the CBD oil you buy states it is specifically for vaping before you purchase.

CBD oral drops 

CBD oral drops are one of the most popular methods and have a number of flavours to choose from; fruity, additive and desert.  They are designed to be taken sublingually under the tongue and make a convenient alternative to e-liquid. At Drip Hacks, our CBD range includes full-spectrum CBD oral drops, held within organic hemp oil in a 1ml glass syringe for easy application. You can choose from two strengths in our collection: our 200-250mg CBD oral drops or our higher-strength 400-450mg syringes specially infused with terpenes and additional cannabinoids.

CBD dabs

CBD dabs are an effective and quick way to get your dose of cannabidiol. Consisting of a form of cannabis extracted from non-psychoactive hemp, CBD dabs normally come in the form of wax, crystals and shatter crystals and powder. Here at Drip Hacks, we stock both crystal and powder. These can be dissolved in PG or vaporised in an appropriate device such as an e-rig, wax atomizer or with a regular vape pen for concentrates. You could be wondering why some people prefer CBD dabs over e-liquid – if you prefer a potent vaping experience, CBD dabs could be the choice for you. Due to being rich in terpenes, CBD dabs provide a stronger hemp rich taste and you only need a little to see big results. If you’re already an experienced dabber, CBD concentrates can be combined with your regular dabs to achieve the entourage effect.

How much CBD should I vape?

When it comes to how much CBD oil to vape, ratio comes down to a range of factors, including your tolerance level or body weight. To avoid side effects like drowsiness, we recommend opting for a low dose of 5-10mg per day to begin with and building up your tolerance with 5mg increments if needed. You should be able to know what is right for you once you start vaping CBD oil, and this will help you to work out your preferred dose. Watch out for how you feel after each dose – once you start to feel positive effects, stick with that dose.

How often to vape CBD?

Start low and then work your way up. Start with the minimal dosage, 1 to 2 mg of CBD and wait about six hours until your next dose. We suggest gradually increasing your dosage each time by 5 mg.

How long does it take for CBD vape to work?

Due to the vapour entering directly into your lungs and through to your bloodstream, vaping CBD e-liquid provides a more immediate effect than other methods. However, while most users start to feel it within a few minutes, its effects don’t last as long as some other methods.

How long does CBD last?

You can generally expect for the effects of vaping CBD e-liquid to last for 2-3 hours, so spacing your doses throughout the day is advisable, as overdosing can result in drowsiness.

CBD at Drip Hacks 

Here at Drip Hacks, you can find a range of CBD e-liquid in delicious flavours to explore within our vast collection. From forbidden fruits and sweet tropical blends to decadent dessert flavours and cool menthol hits, we have a variety of mouthwatering CBD e-liquid flavours for you to choose from. All our 10ml CBD e liquids are made from CBD isolate, are nicotine-free and are mixed at 70/30. Designed to be ready to vape, you can get amongst the CBD vaping trend straight away.

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