What is Vapers Tongue and how to get rid of it

Vapers Tongue - How to get rid of it

Have you ever picked up a bottle of your favourite E liquid, enjoyed a long deep pull before realising the flavour isn’t there?  Perhaps you have picked up a bad batch of Eliquid, but that can’t be right?  Driphacks always ensure the highest quality of flavour before selling each bottle.  Ok so maybe it just needs steeping, must be that right?  All Driphacks bottles are pre steeped ahead of sale so you get the final product rather than the flavourless experience you are tasting right now.  What could it be?  Your cotton is fine, the coil was performing well yesterday and you can’t figure out what is wrong.  In this case, you may have every vapers worst nightmare…

The Vapers Tongue.

You may have heard of this before and not understood what it meant, maybe you didn’t think it could happen to you but it has, and you are wondering what you can do about it.  Fear not fellow vapers, here at Drip Hacks we are here to save the day, and your favourite Driphacks flavours with our guide, to the dreaded Vapers Tongue.


What is Vapers Tongue?

Vapers Tongue is the experience you get when a very flavourful E Liquid tastes like nothing.  It is the experience that the bottle you are using tastes like pure Glycerine and despite the flavours inside, all you get is a muted taste.  You can experience instead a very underwhelming flavour profile, instead of the E Liquid popping on your tongue you get a small amount of weaker flavour instead.


What causes Vapers Tongue?

Very good question that, what exactly causes this dreaded issue?  This boils down to the tongue and the taste receptors that you probably know all too much about from science at school.  If you vape the same flavour for a long period of time then it can grow to become resistant to that flavour and as a result reduce the overall experience.  However there can be other causes to vapers tongue so let’s take a look at each one, see if any apply to you.

  1. Vaping the same flavour for too long- already mentioned but worth listing.  The most common one and can be fixed simply by switching flavours in the short term before resorting to one of our more drastic solutions.


  1. Damaged Taste-buds- This can happen, whether it is through smoking, alcohol or medication.  It is a rare thing to happen and can be fixed over time but this is worth mentioning either way,


  1. Recently switched from Smoking-  This one is pretty straightforward.  It takes time for your body to re adjust from smoking to vaping so in the short term you may find one of the side effects being vapers tongue.  Don’t worry, this should flush out your body over time as you start to reverse the damage done by smoking.


  1. Cold / Flu- another pretty straight forward one, if you have a bit of cold (or worse) then this can affect your ability to taste much like any food or drink.  The best thing is to use a very strong flavour such as menthol and power through until you feel better.


  1.  This can be another factor in vapers tongue caused, ironically, by vaping.  Vaping can dry up your mouth and throat if you vape too much and cause a slight lack of hydration.  Drink more water as you vape should alleviate this issue.


  1. Medicines-  Some medicines can interfere with your taste buds amongst other side effects and this could well be a problem for you.  Have you recently started taking any new medication before the vapers tongue hit?  Could well be that at the cause of the problem


  1. Old E Liquid-  Sadly E Liquid doesn’t have a shelf life of years and what you may find is that the liquid you left to steep for months on end has degraded a little bit in flavour.  Again , not to worry, simply try a newer flavour and see if the issue carries on, if so then you can move onto our handy fix guide.


Hopefully one of the above apply to you.  We covered most of the more common issues when it comes to vapers tongue but the real question you may have is how to fix it.  Take a look at out handy solution guide and see what works best for you.


How to fix Vapers Tongue


  1. Changing E Liquid.  Ok so this one is pretty obvious to say but if you have vapers tongue as a result from overdoing your favourite liquid then swap it out for another and see how you get on.  This can be the first port of call with the dreaded VT, perhaps changing the flavour profile is all you need to do?


  1. Use a stronger flavour.  What we mean by this, is to simply use a strong flavour to shock the taste buds back into action again by overpowering the reason why they have suddenly stopped working.  Strong Menthols, Aniseeds and the like will do the trick, something powerful and guaranteed to deliver some flavour to your tongue.


  1. Drink more water.  If the issue is down to dryness then get into the habit of drinking water whilst you vape.  Keep yourself hydrated, as simple as this may sound it can be as straightforward as drinking a bottle of water or two extra each day to counter balance any dryness/dehydration you experience chain vaping for example.


  1. Inhaling Coffee Bean smell.  Ok this one sounds a little bit out there so let me explain.  Scientists have expressed that the smell of fresh coffee beans can reset the palette due to the strong smell.  This is a method used by Wine tasters and perfume samplers so if it works for them it may well work for you.


  1. Sucking on a Lemon-  Again an extreme example but it could well work for you.  The intense citrus juice from a lemon could well shock the tongue back into tasting again.  Well it is very fresh and bitter so it is thought that by doing so, you can reset the sweet receptors again whilst getting a little bit of additional Vitamin C.


  1. Tongue scraper.  Ok now we are getting to the odd end of the solutions but it could be as simple as scraping your tongue.  If you have any sort of build up on your tongue then this could inadvertently block your taste receptors and therefore block the taste of your Eliquid.


  1. Vape unflavoured E juice / Time.  Sometimes all you need is a little time to get back to normal and vaping unflavoured E Liquid could well be a solution for that as your receptors get back to normal.  By vaping an unflavoured Eliquid, your taste isn’t growing accustomed to a particular flavour so, combined with time, could well see the next introduction of a flavour to be like tasting it for the first time all over again.


And that is our guide.  Short and sweet but aimed at offering you direct solutions to your temporary problem.  None of us like getting vapers tongue and it can be a frustrating experience.  Whether you want to give it time or shock the system, whether there be an underlying cause or you simply overdid you Driphacks Butterboy, it is good news that you can get back to enjoying your E Liquids again.


Have you got any of your own vapers tongue fixes?  Let us know in the comments below!

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