What Type of Vaper are you?

Vaping in essence is a smoking cessation tool that has been proven to be the best chance of quitting than ever before. Every single one of us were a smoker at some point in time and we made the switch for a healthier way of life. It hasn’t turned out that way though has it? Vaping is not quite the same and you could say, its formed a brand new hobby that you would never have dreamed of. We have collectors, hobbyists, casual vapers, hardcore vapers, the flashy and the plain, they all exist in the community. Ever wondered what category you are? Fear not, here at Drip Hacks we want to offer a handy guide into what type of vaper you actually are. Wear your badge with pride fellow vapers, we are all one or the other here.

The Stop Smoker

As crazy as it is to think of, there are thousands upon thousands of vapers who see vaping as a means to quit smoking. Perhaps they are the type who have no knowledge of vaping other than the bare essentials. Perhaps they are the cleverest ones of us all not being suckered down that rabbit hole. Either way these types of vapers simply vape to quit smoking, ones who see an E Cigarette as exactly that. It could be your friend, your mum or the fella in the shop down the road, they can come in all walks of life. The Stop Smoker will often use MTL kits with high nicotine, varying from cheap pound liquid up to the more pricey well known brand. They don’t enjoy vaping as a lifestyle but enjoy the range of flavours available. The simplicity of maintenance, popping into a local store to replace a coil or buying a few little bottles to keep them going for a few weeks.

If you fall into this category, feel happy that you don’t know too much about vaping, as the following categories will show you. Keep doing what you are doing, you are the definition of a vaper.

The Casual Vaper

Moving on and the casual vaper are the ones who really want to quit smoking but can’t quite kick that habit. They replace more and more of their cigarettes with vaping but they aren’t quite there yet. Much like the stop smokers, the casual vaper may have a limited knowledge of vaping but enjoy the convenience of vaping rather than smoking. Their kit may be a flashy sub ohm kit or a simple device but for every time they vape rather than smoke, they gain the confidence to quit entirely. Casual vapers usually have very well maintained kits, or completely hashed together ones from one too many drops but they swear by their vape kit that they fall back on. A casual vaper uses smaller kits over bigger ones for the portability and use sub ohm tanks around 20w lower than recommended but enjoy it like that. They may use high PG liquid in a sub ohm tank or cheap liquid in a MTL kit, either way they enjoy it.

If you fall into this category, keep doing what you are doing. Every time you vape it is one less cigarette being smoked and still a big improvement on your health. You can quite entirely when you are fully ready to.

The Regular Vaper

The Regular vaper is the ones who have stopped smoking entirely and simply use their vaping kit as a means to keep off them for good. They may have quit for health reasons or in fear of them, either way they enjoy the more pleasant experience and the improvements in their health no end. The regular vaper can be found using either sub ohm or MTL but they treasure the kit and often stick with the one kit until it gives up the ghost. They prefer internal batteries and will even internally charge an external battery mod to make it easier for them, without any issues. A regular vaper can be seen vaping everywhere, from the office to the pub having sly little pulls here and there unaware of the rules they are breaking. They have no knowledge of brand new kits or new technology but that doesn’t matter, their trusty set up gives them no issues and that Heisenberg liquid is still enjoyable 6 months after discovering it. Smoking is a distant memory to a regular vaper but they stick to their vaping none the less, confident they have quit for good.

If you are in this category, all I can say is well done, you have achieved what you have set out for. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, keep at it, that is all that matters.

The Sub Ohmer

The Sub ohmer is the regular vaper that dared follow the white rabbit and found they enjoy vaping a lot. Vaping is no longer stopping them smoking but something to really enjoy with the many different flavours available. The sub ohmer like to blow big clouds and over time, gradually move up from the lower powered tanks into the big ones. They see vaping as a way of life rather than a habit so they want to make the most out of their flavours without deviating from the simplicity of it all. You may find a sub ohmer with the more popular mods on the market and a thirsty sub ohm tank making sure they have the E-Liquid with the fancy names over the cheaper alternatives. They can’t understand why vaping is suddenly expensive and they are on the cusp of moving categories but try not to learn too much about vaping. The sub ohmer are on good terms with their local shops and often like to sample the latest liquids in store.

If you are in this category then you have discovered just what vaping can be so enjoy every minute. Perhaps look into making your own liquid to bring the cost down but you have crossed the threshold of being a former smoker and entered the crazy world of vaping.

The Settle-ist

The settle-ist is a long term vaper who has given up on the bells and whistles of the ever changing world of vaping and are happy to sit back with their favourite kit. The Settle-ist are the vapers who may have been in another category at some point but now haven’t got the time or effort for that scene anymore. They may make their own liquid or have a favourite brand but nothing can change their mind now. Much like the previous categories they treasure their device, whether it be the top end mod or the one that just keeps on chugging along. The Settle-ist has long since stopped caring about the latest products and every year or two undertake a frantic search for another of their mod that was discontinued 3 years prior. Much like a whisky drinker at home, they enjoy the finest of vaping without the added stress of having to know about things anymore and it suits them down to the ground. They are set for life now, just dreading the day they have to buy a completely different kit. They may build their own coils or roll back to pod vaping but the enjoyment is still there, just like a fine wine rather than a bucks fizz.

If you are in this category, you have entered the rabbit hole and come out the other side unscathed. You have left the madness behind and are all the more better for it.

The Hobbyist

The hobbyists are the vapers who take it to another level and make vaping a way of life. You like to regularly buy new kits and may even be in the rebuilding area of vaping but you see vaping as more than just an E-Cigarette. You often search for better and better flavours, always wanting to get the most out of that mango or custard flavour. You build fancy new coils and probably take an hour a night doing so to use in your 3 different tanks but you have a vape for every occasion. You talk about vaping online, watch YouTube videos and have a favourite reviewer, with their rival very much your most hated person on the internet. You buy and sell products on a regular basis with other vapers and feel proud to be in the community. You can hold a 30 minute conversation with anyone about vaping with many did you know facts and the nature of what nicotine actually is classed as. You aren’t ready to move into the more advanced way of vaping but the newest mod coming out means you don’t have to. Your collection of different mods and tanks give you joy that was never there before.

If you fall into this category then embrace the madness of vaping because this is where it gets interesting. You have entered the rabbit hole and find yourself stuck inside it with a smile on your face. You are the community of vaping and you are the people that are first in line to help new vapers, or usher them into your crazy world.

The Builder

The builder is the vapers out there who shy away from all things stock and prefer to make everything yourself. You have a collection of different wires and cotton stashed away for each and every possible vaping scenario you can build for. You have mastered the coil build and every one of your coils are a work of art. You vape high sweetened liquid with a pouch of spare cotton in your pocket for those quick wick changes to compensate for the coil killing E Liquid in your RTA. You get the best possible flavour from your E Liquids via a dripper and have a favourite RDA at home for those nights you just want to enjoy December’s flavour of the month or to truly appreciate that 12 month steeped bottle of Butterboy. You use only unregulated mods and have a better understanding about currents and ohms law than you ever did learn in school. You prefer the finer things in vaping and your go to tube always starts conversations when you take it out at a party. The builder are the experts in vaping and are the best people to go to for advice about the battery / wire side of vaping.

If you fall into this category then the world of vaping is your oyster and you have no limitations to get the best possible experience. You don’t have to care about the latest products, as long as you have the best wire for the job. You have communities full of expert knowledge to draw from and you tend to avoid the general vaping circles now.

The Snob

The snob is the elite group in vaping that have risen from their simple vape pen to look down on everyone else who is just there for the enjoyment. The snob is the minority of vaping who must have the very best whilst turning their nose up at a regulated device from Smok or Voopoo. The snob will coil build to an intricate detail and never vary away from that, using the most expensive RTA/RDAs out there because they are convinced they provide the best possible experience. The snob will not be seen without a DNA chip mod in hand that has been fine tuned to the perfect vaping experience. The snob will still be in general vaping circles but will downplay every other product as inferior to their own and enjoy explaining for hours as to why. The snob lacks the knowledge of the builder choosing to settle on learning what only they need to know and the E Liquid used has to be the highest quality no matter the price. The snob is loyal to their E Liquid brand but always on the lookout for the next big thing coming out to replace their favourite.

If you fall into this category then it is too late! You may enjoy the finer things in vaping but the mass market of the industry is dead to you now. You no longer feel the excitement of purchasing the next new mod coming to market and a new purchase turns into a days work fine tuning everything. Buy a pod kit, pick up some Ecigr8 Nic salts and check out the world you are missing.


Which category do you fall under? As with anything this is not an exclusive list, perhaps you fall into more than one category or perhaps you don’t know for sure. Let us know where you come under and if you show signs of another group!

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