When it comes to CBD, there are a variety of ways you can choose to intake it. CBD oral drops are one of the most popular methods, designed to be taken sublingually under the tongue. Here at Drip Hacks, our CBD range includes full-spectrum CBD oral drops, held within organic hemp oil in a 1ml glass syringe for easy application. You can choose from two strengths in our collection: our 200-250mg CBD oral drops or our higher-strength 400-450mg syringes specially infused with terpenes and additional cannabinoids.

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CBD can be ingested in many different ways and, alongside our range of CBD e liquids and dabs, our CBD collection here at Drip Hacks includes CBD oral drops for you to try. Rather than being vaporised, CBD oral drops are designed to be administered sublingually under your tongue, one drop at a time, as a quick and effective method of intaking CBD that is favoured by many.


Here at Drip Hacks, you can choose from two strengths of our full-spectrum CBD oral drops: our 200-250mg or higher-strength 400-450mg drops. Our active CBD oral drops are held in organic hemp oil within a 1ml glass syringe that enables you to easily apply the drops under your tongue and are specially mixed with terpenes and other cannabinoids. Designed for sublingual use only, our CBD oral drops are not for use with your vape.