Here at Drip Hacks, you can find a range of CBD e liquid in delicious flavours to explore within our collection. From forbidden fruits and sweet tropical blends to decadent dessert flavours and cool menthol hits, we have a variety of mouthwatering CBD e liquid flavours for you to choose from. Our 10ml CBD e liquids are made from CBD isolate or Full Spectrum CBD, so you can choose which is most suitable for you.

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CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Though it is linked to marijuana, due to the absence of the psychoactive THC, CBD does not create a ‘high’ and is legal in the UK. Though there are many ways to take CBD, CBD e liquid has become one of the most popular ways to effectively intake it.


You can find a variety of CBD e liquid here at Drip Hacks, infused with delicious flavours to heighten your CBD e liquid vaping experience further. Explore a wide range of tropical tangs, berry blends and refreshing menthol hits to choose from in our collection and find CBD e liquids to suit every taste. At Drip Hacks, all our ready-to-vape 10ml nicotine-free CBD e liquids contain CBD isolate and are mixed at 70/30.
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