Voopoo Drag H40 Vape Kit

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Voopoo Drag H40

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Voopoo Drag H40 Vape Kit

Voopoo Drag H40 Initial release background

Brand new to the Drag family in Voopoo’s arsenal is the Drag H40. Officially released on July 3rd, it’s soon to be available here at Drip Hacks as we gear up to offer a broader range of what we consider the best devices out there, and if literally any of the other kits in the Drag family are anything to go by, the Voopoo Drag H40 will be exceptional.

Just when you think a Voopoo device couldn’t possibly be improved upon, they drop a proverbial bomb in the form of an upgrade and you’re left wondering just how they did it.

The Voopoo Drag H40 is the smallest in the range of Drag pod mods, but doesn’t make any compromise in performance besides it’s power limit of 40w – which is actually about perfect for the markets current demand. With the waning of the disposable vaping market and the inevitable explosion of Pod vapes like the Oxva Xlim Pro and the Argus Z, the next step in the evolution of the markets demand is higher power pod kits, which exactly where the voopoo drag h40 comes in.

Marketed with the slogan: “Might Beyond Size”, Voopoo aim to put the H40 in the spotlight as the most powerful pod kit available with features to give it a long future in the industry, which seems a safe bet given just how long the Drag family and their PnP coils have been on the scene. After all, how can you improve upon something that offers everything? The Drag series of vape kits hasn’t really been improved upon besides for aesthetics and yet they still to this day (years later) enjoy great success.

Voopoo Drag H40 specifications


The Voopoo Drag H40 looks absolutely incredible, with a full “Leather” facing which no doubt feels great to hold. It also offers a more simple airflow adjustment system which simply requires twisting to control. Interestingly, there’s no mention of draw to fire and a simple button operation is mentioned. Perhaps this device will be the nail in the coffin for disposable vapes – at least Voopoo seem to think so. The Voopoo Drag H40 continues the Drag families debossed leather styling in a simple cylindrical body design.

Voopoo-Drag-H40-Pod-Mod Voopoo-Drag-H40-Screen Voopoo-Drag-H40-Debossed-logo-aesthetics


With an integrated battery capacity of 1500mAh and a maximum output power of 40w, the voopoo Drag H40 offers a sub-ohm power level in the palm of your hand and a desirable vaping life between charges. The upgraded Pod for this device brings a slightly different refill method being on the bottom side, rather than on the bottom – which we feel is going to be an improvement.

Pod, Coils & Power 

A new “Dual in One” PnP coil seems to offer an improved vaping experience via more even atomisation of your E Liquid, delivering richer flavour and improved vapour production without any unwanted burning of the wick. Voopoo’s test on these coils suggests you can vape up to 35ml of E Liquid before needing to replace, but of course this depends on various factors. This device cleverly offers two modes for power supply to the coil: RBA & SMART. The RBA setting allows the user full control of power from 5 – 40W while the SMART function automatically sets the power level based on the detected coil resistance.

The pod itself is rotated in place to adjust the airflow via bottom slots making it easy and simple to adjust, though we can hope it doesn’t spin too freely in ones pocket!

Kit Contents

  • Voopoo Drag H40 Device * 1
  • PNP Pod II * 1
  • PNP VM3 0.45 Ohm (Installed) * 1
  • PNP-TW30, 0.3 Ohm * 1
  • User Manual
  • Type-C Charginf Cable
  • PnP Platform Card

Pros and Cons of the Voopoo Drag H40


  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to use
  • Simple Adjustable Airflow


  • Integrated battery requires charging once depleted


Voopoo-Drag-H40-Battery Voopoo-Drag-H40-styling Voopoo-Drag-H40-PnP-Dual-in-one-tech




Weight 0.8 kg

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