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Swag Cotton Organic

Swag Organic Cotton | 1m Length | Heat resistant | Highly Absorbant


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Out of stock

Swag Vaping Cotton

Swag Vaping cotton is a heat-resistant cotton designed for use in rebuildable atomisers to provide a highly-absorbent wicking medium for extra clean flavour and vapour production, reducing dry hits in two ways: fast liquid absorption and high heat resistance. Choosing Swag organic cotton for your rebuildable vape ensures the best flavour and longevity available.

Swag Cotton contains 1m of organic cotton to elevate the flavour of your E-Liquid whilst also increasing the life of your build, reducing the number of rebuilds. It’s also flavourless and doesn’t need to be “broken-in” as many other brands do, so once the cotton is fully saturated with E-Liquid, it’s ready to go!


1 x Pack of Swag Cotton


  • 100cm Organic Cotton
  • Container with resealable lid
  • Designed For Use With RDA’s, RTA’s and more
  • Highly Absorbent
  • 100% Organic
  • Intended For high power advanced vaping
  • Compatible With A Range Of Coils
  • Imparts no cotton taste as with other brands
  • Long-Lasting


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