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Cola Ice Crystal Bar Disposable Vape

Cola Ice Crystal Bar Disposable Vape


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What is the Cola Ice Crystal Bar Disposable?

SKE Crystal Bar are a brand of disposable vapes and nic salts just like Elf Bar, with a variety of great flavours typical of disposables. With a lightweight build and small form, the SKE Crystal Bar disposables are a convenient and simple option for those looking to vape on-the-go with no hassle. Like all disposables, the Cola Ice Crystal Bar is inhale activated with no buttons, making it as hands-free as possible and requiring no thought to use correctly.

Flavour Profile: Cola Ice Crystal bar disposable. A classic and fresh Cola beverage flavour.


Crystal Bar flavours

The fresh but simple range of flavours available make the SKE Disposables enticing, with a unique transparent body design reminding you of a crystal. This design suggests a clean and simple vaping experience and helps to elevate the flavours with good contrast in its appearance.

  • Lemon and Lime
  • Cherry Ice
  • Menthol Crystal
  • Cola Ice Crystal Bar
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Sour Pineapple Ice
  • Gummy Bear

SKE Crystal Bar Features:

  • Draw activated for user-friendliness
  • 600 Puffs, equivalent to more than 20 cigarettes
  • Range of fresh and fruity flavours
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • 2ml E liquid

The simplicity of the disposable vape is its USP (Unique Selling Point) lending itself to convenience. Crystal Bar disposables embody convenience in a stylish format with strong flavours and super smooth nicotine salt making them an excellent option for those looking to quit smoking. They offer an MTL (Mouth to Lung) style vape which closely imitates the draw of a cigarette, only with great flavours that won’t leave you smelling of tobacco smoke.

The Nicotine Salt E Liquid contained within the device provides rapid nicotine absorption by the body and a super smooth throat hit. Cola Ice crystal bar is a prime candidate for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping.


  • SKE Cola Ice Crystal Bar Disposable Device

Where to go from here?

Disposable Vapes provide an easy entry to the world of vaping, but it’s best not to rely on them entirely due to their disposable nature. We recommend using a disposable vape like the Cola Ice Crystal Bar in order to make the switch, followed by one of our Disposable Killer Kits to graduate onto a more sustainable solution. The Disposable Killer Starter Kits provide a pod device, spare pod and 5 x 10ml Nic Salts so you will have everything you need with no planning or thought required.

Use our Disposable Killer Refill kits to top-up on spare pods and nicotine salts in our Pocket Salt range of E Liquids, perfect for Disposable Style vaping on a budget.




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