Curb Coils

Curb Coils

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Curb Coils – Ni80 space fused, duel twist core Clapton. 6 wrap, 3mm ID.

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One pair of the finest Curb Coils. Exceptionally good flavour production, these coils can transform your e-liquid.

Ni80 space fused, duel twist core clapton. 6 wrap with a 3mm ID.

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  1. 2 out of 5


    Well,…exeptionally good. It certainly won’t match the flavour tri-core fused alien deliver.
    What’s the resistance on those coils ??
    By the way,…it’s Dual……Du”a”l which obviously means two.
    Duel is when you have two swordsman swinging their weapon,…or better.
    Here’s the correct explanation of the word:
    Learn to pronounce
    a contest with deadly weapons arranged between two people in order to settle a point of honour.

    sorry for correcting,….but when i was starting to learn english, i demanded that people would point out and tell me, when i was saying something incorrectly even tho they’d tell me that it was considered rude to doing so.

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