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Our Disposable Killer Starter Kit gets you off disposables, easily. The kit gives you a new device featuring a rechargeable battery and replaceable coils. Plus you get 50ml of the smoothest nicotine eliquids available. 


Cost Savings 

The Disposable Killer Kit and Refill Kit represent huge cost savings for anyone using disposables. The concept is nothing new but it’s delivery is unique. We’ve done the thinking for you, along with expertly crafted nicotine vape juice and a perfectly paired device, allowing you to vape straight away. 

Environmental Impact

Disposable vapes have proven to be an environmental disaster. Each week, millions enter our landfill sites adding to the plastic, rare earth metal and electronic component waste that poisons our home. The Disposable Killer kits look to put an end to this.  


The aim of our kits is to get people off of the disposables and back onto a more sustainable solution whilst maintaining the level of convenience that disposables offer. We’ve put everything you need into them, including your new device, spare pods and the smoothest e-liquid money can buy.

Disposable Killer Kit 1 - Replace your Disposable Vapes today!
Disposable Killer Kit 2 - Replace your Disposable Vapes today!