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Disposable Killer – Starter Kit – Oxva Xlim Pro

Disposable Killer – Starter Kit

Cheap and convenient vape juice.


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Oxva Xlim Pro Starter Kit

Introducing our new Oxva Xlim Pro Disposable Killer Starter Kit, an exciting and convenient way to not only curb your dependence on disposables but vastly reduce what it costs you to vape.

We’ve done the work to supply an appealing new product that helps you vape more easily and save huge ££ whilst doing so. No more daily trips to the shop for your Nicotine fix, No more single use batteries & plastics. All you need is supplied in one handy package at the low cost of £34.99!

Not only is our Killer Starter Kit convenient for those wishing to drop the disposable habit, it’s also a great way to transition from smoking to vaping. Everything you need is supplied and it really couldn’t be easier. Disposables represent a huge societal problem in our desire for convenience, especially considering the environmental disaster they are causing. Millions of disposables containing single use plastics and batteries end up in our landfills every week – which is completely unnecessary! 

The Starter Kit is everything you need right now. When you’re ready for a refill, you can purchase our Refill Kit. It’s vastly cheaper than vaping Elf Bars, more environmentally friendly and just as convenient. And with a range of 5 incredibly smooth nic salt flavours (see below), you’re spoilt for choice. The new Oxva Xlim Pro provides features more typically associated with more expensive, higher power mods in a compact and stylish form.

With a kit value of £47.95, you’re saving £12.94!

Pocket Salts – Switch out your Disposables today!

The Pocket Salts are made to the highest standards, going through numerous stages of development to ensure the best quality for the consumer. The Pocket Salts are also manufactured right here in the UK, made to the UK regulations, meaning you can support and trust that the product is to an excellent standard. 

Product Information

MTL Device (Xlim Pro)(Random Colour)

5 x 10mg OR 20mg 50/50 Pocket Salts

  • Blue Razzberry Sherbet
  • Vimto Crusher
  • Red Buffalo
  • Dragonfruit & Mango
  • Fizzy Cherry Cola

1 x spare Xlim V3 Pod

The Solution to Disposables

At Drip Hacks, we’ve always been a big fan of DIY vaping – it’s what we do and what we have always done. However, we understand that times are changing and there is a general desire for convenience, which disposables do oh-so-well. So, we decided to create something that does the same thing without the single use plastics and batteries, something that can be reused time and time again. The idea is not new, but the format in which it is prepared makes all the difference.

The Disposable Killer Kit provides a rechargeable, refillable pod style vape device with replaceable pods and refill liquids. We’ve done the thinking for you – the pods we’ve chosen to offer in the kits will deliver a style of vaping superior to that of disposables, and you can have it without the guilty conscience and last-minute trips to the local convenience store for your nicotine fix.

Better yet – the refill liquids are manufactured right here in the United Kingdom, compliant with national regulations so you can be sure they’re as safe as can be. This is a solution to anyone vaping disposable vapes as well as smoking Cigarettes. It will save you money, whilst helping you to quit smoking the most effective way.

Why Should I Buy One?

Cost of Disposables:  

  • 25 disposables/month @ £5.99 = £149.75 (2ml capacity so 50ml per month)  
  • Total = £1,797 per year  

Cost of Killer kits:  

  • 1 x Disposable Killer Starter Kit = £34.99
  • 11 x Refill kits providing 50ml per month = £14.99 * 11 = £164.89
  • Total = £199.88 per year  

Some quick maths demonstrates an annual saving of £1,597.12 per year. Considering this, it’s really a no brainer. Firstly, you will receive your entire setup in the Starter Kit. Then you can order one refill kit every month thereafter. This will provide the average disposable user with the vape liquid they require every month.  

*Figures are based on the Argus Z Disposable Killer Kit 

Oxva Xlim Pro

The Oxva Xlim Pro brings high-end features to the pod market, providing a cheaper alternative to disposable vapes like the Elf Bar and an easier overall experience than sub-ohm devices.

Summary of features: 

  • Convenient Fixed-coil pods
  • Extended battery capacity for extra long life
  • Choice of pods for MTL & RDL Vaping
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Manual & Auto firing control
  • New top-fill pod design
  • Upgraded to rapid charging

The Oxva Xlim Pro is an upgrade of the original Xlim which in itself was an exceptional device which took the market by storm along with Voopoo’s Argus Z Pod Kit. The Xlim Pro may very well be the markets best Pod kit.

Oxva Xlim Pro features Oxva Xlim Pro Cartridges


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