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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop
Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Our Disposable Killer kit is designed as an alternative to disposables like Elf Bar and Lost Mary. In the kit you will receive everything you need to vape including a pod vape, Pocket Salt nic Salts formulated with extra smooth nicotine and strong flavour. Simply open the pack, fill a pod with the vape juice of your choosing and fit the pod to the mod. A convenient and simple way to vape that closely matches the vaping experience you get with elf bars and lost mary vapes. A strong, flavourful vape with rechargeable battery, replaceable and refillable pods.

Drip Hacks Disposable Killer Kit 

What is a “Disposable Killer Kit”?

In essence, a “Disposable Killer Kit” is an alternative to disposable vapes. The kit provides the user with a vape device, refill liquid and a replaceable cartridge (for when your coil becomes unusable due to the constant heating of flavours). All you need to do is simply fill the cartridge with the liquid and you’re good to go. There’s really only one extra step on top of a disposable and even then, it’s a very small one.  

Kit contents:   

  • 1 x Pod device including spare pod  
  • 5 x Pocket Salts – pre-selected flavours  
  • 1 x spare pod  

The contents of the kit conclude the research we undertook to find out what would work best as a replacement for the average disposable user. The flavours available in Pocket Salts have also been chosen to compete with the bestselling elf bar flavours. 

1. Disposable Killer Kit - The Best Alternative to Disposable Vapes!

Our Solution 

At Drip Hacks, we’ve always been a big fan of DIY vaping – it’s what we do and what we have always done. However, we understand that times are changing and there is a general desire for convenience, which disposables do oh-so-well. So, we decided to create something that does the same thing without the single use plastics and batteries, something that can be reused time and time again. The idea is not new, but the format in which it is prepared makes all the difference.

The Disposable Killer Kit provides a rechargeable, refillable pod style vape device with replaceable pods and refill liquids. We’ve done the thinking for you – the pods we’ve chosen to offer in the kits will deliver a style of vaping superior to that of disposables, and you can have it without the guilty conscience and last-minute trips to the local convenience store for your nicotine fix. And better yet – the refill liquids are manufactured right here in the United Kingdom, compliant with national regulations so you can be sure they’re as safe as can be.  

This is a solution to anyone vaping disposable vapes as well as smoking Cigarettes. It will save you money, whilst helping you to quit smoking the most effective way.

Why should I buy one? 

As with disposable vapes, you don’t need to think before you buy, just follow the instructions on the devices packaging in order to use it properly – we’re confident you will find the change refreshing, not just on your conscience but on your finances. The savings our Disposable Killer Kits represent are enormous. We’ve even done the maths for you too. 

Cost of Disposables:  

  • 25 disposables/month @ £5.99 = £149.75 (2ml capacity so 50ml per month)  
  • Total = £1,797 per year  

Cost of Disposable Killer kit and refill kits:  

  • 1 x Disposable Killer Starter Kit = £25.99  
  • 11 x Refill kits providing 50ml per month = £14.99 * 11 = £149.75
  • Total = £190.88 per year  

Some quick maths demonstrates an annual saving of £1,606.12 per year. Considering this, it’s really a no brainer. Firstly, you will receive your entire setup in the Starter Kit. Then you can order one refill kit every month thereafter. This will provide the average disposable user with the vape liquid they require every month.  

Our E-liquid

Our “Pocket Salt” Ejuice has been formulated to provide the same nicotine hit, smoothness and powerful flavour you would expect from a disposable vape. Specifically in the world of disposables, Elf Bar are number one and this may be partly because of the elf bar flavours. They’ve become a sensation (sadly) and we’ve worked tirelessly to create our own pod-friendly liquids. Drip Hacks creates it’s own flavours in-house from the ground up and it is for this reason we have the exceptional reputation we hold today. Our multi-award-winning flavours continue to impress and it’s no small thanks to our technical experience in the world of flavour development.  

We’ve taken great care to find only the best ingredients available, many of which you will not find elsewhere. Pocket Salt nicotine shots are simply a nicotine containing eliquid which can be used to refill various vape pens, pod devices and vape tanks. The extra smooth nicotine emulates that found in Elf bar flavours and you’ll find they work flawlessly in the supplied device. Along with our stringent quality control policy, Pocket Salts are the perfect partner for any vape device.  

Disposable Killer Refill Kit 

Our Disposable Killer kit provides the device to replace disposable vapes along with the liquid, but the refill kit gives you the top up you need each month. We’ve made this kit more customizable so you can choose the flavours and the strengths you require. The refill kit will soon by available on subscription, meaning you can forget all about having to buy more and relax as we deliver the very best and smoothest nicotine flavours you can get! 

We recommend that if you’re transitioning from Disposable Vapes or Cigarettes, that you first start at our higher Nicotine strength of 20mg/ml. After a few months, then try lowering your Nicotine consumption to 10mg/ml. This will help you curb your nicotine addiction. This kit is £14.99, and will last most people a month, imagine the savings if you’re coming from Elf Bars, or even cigarettes!



  • A 5000 puff disposable vape lasts 5-6 days. This is a very high puff count, typically disposables are 600 puffs. It’s worth bearing in mind that it depends on the amount you vape.


  • Disposable vapes are typically more convenient, every corner shop has Elf Bars in stock. Though, they are causing a severe amount of environmental issues. Our opinion is that any form of reusable vape is much better.  They are less damaging to the environment as well as more cost efficient!


  • Disposable vapes are a very simple vaping device. Unlike Rechargeable vapes, you don’t need to press a button. They have an integrated battery and coil, prefilled with eliquid. it simply works by inhaling the eliquid like you would a cigarette.


  • With the contents provided, you simply, charge, fill the pod device with your Pocket Salt and start vaping. The Disposable Killer Starter Kit comes with a pod device, a coil and 5 Pocket Salts, we have worked out the math, and this will last most people a month. When you’re out of ejuice, you can then purchase our Disposable Killer Refill Kit, which comes with spare coils and 5 more Pocket Salts of your choice!


  • Vaping has been proven to be the most successful method of quitting smoking, Public Health England determined that vaping was at least 95% safer than smoking. The danger of Elf Bars is the lack of control over the nicotine consumed, due to the fact it has no way of measuring how much you are inhaling. Whereas, most reusable vapes have the ability to control the wattage etc. Another danger of Elf bars is the effect they are having on the environment, single use lithium battery products are causing many issues on the streets and landfills of the UK.
  • This very reason has lead us to creating the Disposable Killer Kit, to combat the environmental issues Elf Bars and other disposables have on the planet.


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