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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop
Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Make your own vape juice with Drip Hacks

Our extensive range of DIY E Liquid products gives you all the tools needed to make your own e liquid with ease, on a budget. Discover some of the cheapest and strongest e liquid concentrates made right here in our UK facility, the best additives including Koolada WS-23 and of course our award winning One Shots.

Making your own vape juice is simple and rewarding. The sense of achievement and the savings to be made make it worth your while. Take a look at our Hackshots for a simplified solution to DIY E Liquid – just add Nicotine and VG & PG, shake and you’re ready to vape!

Want to sweeten your E Liquid or cool it down? Head over to our additives section to find out more and bring your vape juice to life.

If you’re looking to make your own flavours from scratch then we have a great range of single flavour concentrates made specifically for this purpose, crafted by The Flavour Smiths.

How Do I make my own vape juice?

Making your own vape juice is actually not as daunting as you might think, and people have been doing it since the very beginnings of vaping. Why? Because you can make your favourite flavour on a budget and have fun doing it! You’ll need to start by making a One Shot flavour – this is the flavour base for your vape juice and arguably the most important step in the process; no one wants to vape a bad flavour.

Making a One Shot involves some trial and error – mix various flavours and additives together to reach a flavour profile that you really like. Sometimes a One Shot might actually be one flavour combined with some additives to give it the edge it needs. Koolada WS-23 provides a refreshing cool hit whilst Sucralose imparts a moreish sweetness found in many of todays most successful brands.

Devise your One Shot and the % it needs to be mixed at, then add your base mix (VG + PG) & Nicotine. You’ll be in full control of your vape juice and it won’t cost nearly as much as premade juice.




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