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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Vampire Vape E Liquid Concentrates

Vampire Vape are perhaps the best known vape brand in the UK thanks to the success of their Heizenberg vape flavour during the early days of the industry predating the TPD. Along with Heisenberg E liquid they are also famous thanks to a flavour they dubbed “Pinkman” – after the enormously popular TV show “Breaking Bad”. Good timing and solid flavours along with the use of Koolada Ws-23 (before it became common) ensured Vampire Vape a place at the top.

Heisenberg vape juice is now a classic and a favourite among many, it’s unique blue colouring promises a cool and refreshing flavour. Pinkman Vape Juice is described as a fresh and fruity flavour and has a pink tint to it, again enticing purely from it’s unique appearance.

Vampire Vape released these two great vape flavours as concentrates many years ago and due to the demand for them, we stock them alongside our own range of flavours. Available in 30ml bottles or complete as a kit making 150ml vape juice, we have a solution for those already into DIY E Liquids and for individuals who want to vape these flavours on a budget. We also stock other flavours in the range of concentrates created by Vampire Vape, bringing you the most popular flavours in their range along with our comprehensive array of DIY products.

How to use Vampire Vape Concentrate

Using a Vampire Vape concentrate is essentially the same as any other E liquid flavour concentrate – it needs to be diluted with VG & PG before use, depending on which device you use and what ratio you require. You’ll most likely also need to add nicotine to complete it.

If you buy the concentrate on it’s own you will need to have already or buy the remaining ingredients:

Using an empty bottle in which to mix, pour in your required volume of VG, PG & Nicotine, shake a vape! It’s a simple process which we make simpler with the ready to go kit which gives you everything you need to mix the concentrate into E Liquid at a Nicotine strength of 3mg/ml or 0.3%

We recommend you use a Vape Calculator like Steam Engine in order to ensure your mixing calculations are correct and if you have any questions be sure to give us a call for assistance!



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