Want to create the best e liquid flavours for your vape concentrate? Discover our Flava Hacks. Formulated to enhance your e juice flavours and bring out all the taste characteristics of each flavour blend, our Flava Hacks range helps you create a whole new vaping experience. Give your e juices a refreshing kick with our invigorating Menthol and Koolada WS-23 Flava Hacks, or add our Sour Flava Hack to Drip Hacks fruit flavours for tasty tart flavours that pack a punch.

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Whether you're looking to make your sweet flavours sweeter or give your sours more power, simply add our Flava Hacks to your e liquids and give a mouth-watering kick to all your favourite flavours. Experience a heightened vape sensation and give your e liquid concentrates a kick with our Flava Hacks selection. Whether you are looking for something sweet or sour for your 100 ml e liquid, or any size, our Flava Hacks selection has something to elevate all e liquid flavours. Remember to browse our other categories too, such as our vast selection of Shortfill e liquid concentrates, which we are extremely proud of.


Here at Drip Hacks, we’ve specially formulated a range of Flava Hacks to enhance and bring out the unique qualities of all your favourite e liquid flavours, giving your sours more power and your fruits even more of a punch.


We have several Flava Hacks for you to choose from to bring out the best of all e liquid flavours. Give your favourite dessert flavours an upgrade with our Ultra Sweet liquid, your fruity blends a mouth-watering kick with our Sour liquid or create refreshing flavours with our invigorating Menthol and Koolada WS-23 liquids!

If you have any questions regarding our Flava Hacks or e liquid flavours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Drip Hacks.
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