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One Shot E Liquid by Drip Hacks

One Shots are simply ready-to-mix E Liquid requiring only Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. The name “One Shots” comes from the idea that the E Liquid recipe is completed already and just needs the above components to complete. This differs from true DIY E Liquid in which you would mix your own E Liquid using “Single Flavour Concentrates” like Mango, Blueberry and Pineapple, along with additives like Koolada WS-23 and Sucralose.

One Shots essentially remove the biggest step from true DIY E Liquid and allow you to mix quickly and easily. At Drip Hacks we offer these One Shots in an oversized 250ml bottle we call a “Hackshot”. Most of these flavours come with 50ml flavour concentrate in the bottle, and the remaining 200ml gives you enough room to add the other ingredients. Discover simple DIY E Liquid on a budget with our huge range of award winning flavours.

What is a One Shot E Liquid?

Background on One Shots

A One Shot E Liquid is actually a flavour concentrate used to make a finished E Liquid. In the infancy of the vaping market, making complete and complex flavours used to entail buying various single flavours and mixing them together to produce a finished flavour, for instance: Pineapple, Mango, Koolada WS-23 and Ethyl Maltol would combine to make a nice tropical flavour. As the industry developed however – the demand for ready mixed E Liquid flavour concentrates gave rise to what we now call “One Shots”. One Shots are complete flavour concentrates that a manufacturer (such as Drip Hacks) have devised based on many years of experience and trial and error. If we consider our Blue Slush Hackshot (a One Shot) for example, the flavour profile is simple: Blue Slush, but it contains many different single flavours and various additives to give it the flavour it has. Obviously we won’t divulge the recipe but all the hard work has been done so you don’t have to do it yourself. If you want to vape a Blue Slush flavour on a budget, a One Shot is your cheapest and easiest option. Mixing a One Shot requires little to no experience: Simply add Nicotine, Vg & Pg to the Hackshot bottle (containing the One Shot Concentrate). Shake it well, then you’re done! By taking these small steps yourself, you’re saving a lot of money. Why? Because it’s costly and takes time for us to do it for you. By using a One Shot like a Hackshot, you’ll likely only have to do this once a month or less, meaning it’s a very small task with a big saving.

Are One Shots worth using?

One Shots can be used for every niche in vaping, from MTL, DTL and RDTL, the freedom to create an E Liquid that suits your EXACT needs is unparalleled and this is one of the major benefits of using them. You can mix a One Shot like a Hackshot into almost any strength you want, Vg/Pg ratio and flavour strength desired. No other product on the market gives you this level of freedom whilst saving you so much money. Drip Hacks is committed to providing the best value and cheapest E Liquid in the UK and our comprehensive range of One Shots does exactly this. If you’re new to DIY and you’re confused about how to proceed or what your option are then One Shots are the answer. We wouldn’t recommend diving straight into mixing your own E Liquid recipes as there’s a lot of trial and error involved in getting a flavour just the way you want it, but taking advantage of One Shots gives you the best of both worlds in terms of flavour and value.

How do I use a One Shot like a Hackshot?

Mixing a One Shot flavour concentrate into a finished E Liquid is very simple and we explain this below


  • Excellent value for money and likely the cheapest E Liquid you’ll find.
  • Simple and straight forward, consisting of only 4 steps as above.
  • Mix in almost any nicotine strength
  • Mix in almost any Vg/Pg ratio
  • Mix in almost any flavour percentage
  • Room to add extras like Koolada WS-23 to customise flavour
  • Mix a large volume of E Liquid
  • Huge range of flavours to choose from


  • Requires a small amount of planning to get nic strength and Vg/Pg ratio correct
  • Once mixed you’re committed to vaping what you’ve got
  • Larger format (250ml Hackshots) means you need to decant into more travel friendly bottles
  • Can be messy and incovenient compared to pre-mixed E Liquid like Pocket Salts


We ship all orders the same day if placed before 1pm. We use Royal Mail for anything under 2kg and DHL for anything requiring a next day service. Please note that the next day service requires the order to have been placed before 1pm and does not include weekends.

One Shot E Liquid FAQs

Can I order the Nicotine and Vg/Pg at the same time as a One Shot? 

Our Hackshots have multiple options:

  • Hackshot only
  • 3mg Starter Kit (Hackhsot, 4 x 20mg Nic Salts & 200ml VG)
  • 6mg Starter Kit (Hackshot, 8 x 20mg Nic Salts & 200ml VG)
  • MTL Starter Kit (Hackshot, 20 x 20mg Nic Salts)

Choose the option which suits your needs and you’ll receive everything you need to complete your One Shot E Liquid.

What E Liquid is best for a Pod vape and can I use a One Shot? 

Most pod devices employ between 5 and 30W of power to a compact coil housed in a pod. Therefore they will struggle to absorb viscous E Liquid and you’re best off using an E Liquid with a Vg/Pg ratio of 50/50, ensuring even and quick absorption by the coils wicking material. It is possible to make 50/50 E liquid using a One Shot (Like a Hackshot), just take care to ensure your mixing calculations are correct. We recommend using this E Liquid calculator to assist in this. 

Can I mix One Shots together? 

Of course! Though due to the nature of One Shots, you don’t need to add anything to them to complete. Having said that of there are two flavours you like, feel free to experiment in mixing them together to create an entirely new flavour. This would best be done on a small scale using a small amount of the liquid to minimise waste. After all, you might not like what you’ve made!

How long will a 250ml Hackshot last me? 

This depends on your vaping habits and which device you’re using. If you vape very heavily in a powerful sub-ohm device then you might get up to 3 weeks. If you’re using a low power pod kit like the Voopoo Argus G then you will more than likely get 6 weeks +.

What can I add to a One Shot to create a cold hit? 

Simply add Koolada WS-23 to provide a nice cooling effect to your E Liquid. As always, add a small amount and trial it to avoid adding too much and spoiling your E Liquid.


Step 1: Remove caps from all bottles (Hackshot, Vg/Pg and Nicotine)


Step 2: Add required Nicotine shots, replacing the cap so you can shake vigorously.


Step 3: Add VG (& PG if required) up to the bottle shoulder.


Step 4: Shake your Hackshot well to ensure all ingredients are mixed thoroughly.