the flavours smiths diy e liquid flavour concentrates for vape juice

Introducing a broad range of diy e liquid flavour concentrates by The Flavour Smiths. This incredible range of single flavours is perfect for all your diy e liquid needs and allows you to make any flavour you can imagine, on a budget. The cheapest e liquid uk is right here waiting for you to dream up your next all day vape. Mix your desired flavours and add special additives and nic salts to make your favourite vape flavour.

The range of fruity, creamy, dessert and candy e liquid flavour concentrates is extensive and perfect for making the best nic salts juice out there. Take control of your vape and get mixing today. Discover the full range here. The Flavour Smiths DIY e liquid flavour concentrates are also available in bulk for B2B and with no MOQ you’re free to order as you please.

Who Are The Flavour Smiths?

The Flavour Smiths are a company that specialises in the production of concentrated flavourings, mostly used in the e liquid industry for e liquid. The Flavour Smiths or TFS for short have been around for a few years now and have created a great number of recipes, many of which are employed throughout the vape industry in various products.

Does TFS make DIY e liquid flavour concentrates?

In short: yes. TFS makes flavourings which are perfectly suited for use in e liquid and by those wanting to make their own diy e liquid using flavour concentrates. These flavourings can also be used in other industries but we’ll stay on topic here. DIY e liquid flavour concentrates are simply flavourings that form the base of all vape juice, so if you’re looking to make your own from scratch, TFS has what you need!

How do I use TFS DIY e liquid flavour concentrates?

Simply! You’ll need to devise a recipe based on your preferences first, then mix the flavours together, including any additives like koolada ws-23 for a cooling hit and sucralose for a sweeter taste. If we consider elf bar flavours like watermelon ice for instance, the profile is very simple: it’s just a watermelon flavour and koolada ws-23. Elf bar flavours are big right now due to their incredible success in the market, so most of the nic salts juice out there attempts to replicate these flavours in some way. A great way to achieve this flavour profile is to mix it yourself using TFS flavours.

Is it safe to use in vape juice?

The Flavour Smiths diy e liquid flavour concentrates are perfectly safe for use in e liquid and are present in a multitude of products already selling to the public and registered with MHRA, having already undergone the required emissions testing. We use no dyes, colourings or any banned chemicals including Diacetyl and Diketones, so no need to worry!

What do I need to make my own vape juice?

You’ll need the desired e liquid flavour concentrates like Strawberry or Watermelon (or both), Nicotine (free base or nic salt), Vg and Pg. Decide first how much finished e liquid you want to make then create your recipe. Typically e liquids contain 20% flavour so to make 60ml you’ll need 12ml of e liquid flavour concentrate. For 3mg final strength you’ll need 10ml of nicotine, and the rest of the bottle is filled with Vg/Pg according to what Vg/Pg ratio you prefer. It’s easy to figure out how much of each to use.