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Frozen Mango E liquid

An authentic and sweet Frozen Mango E liquid with Passionfruit


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Frozen Mango E-Liquid Concentrate & Vape Juice

Frozen Mango E Liquid is a new Prototype with a smooth and sweet flavour, giving a cold and tropical exhale for a seriously refreshing all-day vape. Enjoy the authentic taste of ripe Mangoes & Passionfruit with our brand new addition to our extensive range of One Shot E Liquids.

Who are Drip Hacks?

We’ve have been manufacturing our own flavours in-house from the ground up for the past 5 years. Our expertise and knowledge in the field of flavour gives us an edge over the competition in terms of flavour authenticity and uniqueness. With thousands of compounds used for flavourings to draw upon, we’re able to create some of the best flavours available and many have won awards with some being used by industry giants to become world famous.

With roots reaching back to 2015, we became a DIY E Liquid sensation following the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) and have continued to provide the best and cheapest E Liquid available today. Our Hackshots are now a staple in the DIY scene and are becoming more and more familiar to vapers as the industry tends towards a greener, more sustainable future.

What is a Prototype?

A Prototype is a Hackshot® released in limited quantity until feedback or sales prove it is a worthy addition to our permanent line-up.

A Hackshot® is an oversized bottle containing the recommended % of E Liquid Concentrate – meaning all you need to do is add Vg/Pg & Nicotine to mix it into vapable E liquid. This means you will not waste the bottle decanting the liquid into a separate container making it a less wasteful means of vaping. The larger the bottle of E liquid, the less plastic waste you create when vaping. See our in-depth guide on One Shots which includes details demonstrating how you can easily mix a Hackshot.

Frozen Mango E Liquid Specifications:

  • 7 Day Steeping period(OPTIONAL – Once mixed, leave the bottle to allow the flavour to “mature” and reach it’s maximum potential or potency)
  • Contains WS-23(Frozen Mango E Liquid is a cold flavour) 
  • Mix at 20%(This Prototype contains 50ml of E Liquid Concentrate (20% of the volume of the bottle, being 250ml)
  • Sweet(An Authentic Mango E Liquid flavour should be sweet – Mango has the highest sugar content of any fruit) 

What is best for you?

Prototype – Frozen Mango E Liquid UK  

The Hackshot variation of this product is a stand-alone item meaning you won’t get any of the other ingredients required to mix it into Mango E Liquid. This is a great option for those who already have the Vg/Pg and Nicotine required.

3mg Starter Kit – Frozen Mango e liquid uk 

This option provides the nicotine and vg to mix your Hackshot with a nicotine strength of 3mg/ml, the most popular option among those using sub-ohm devices for e liquid. No PG is supplied with the option as the concentrate is PG based and the nic salts supplied are 70/30 vg/pg, meaning if you do not add any extra pg to the Hackshot, you’ll end up with a ratio of approximately 70Vg/30Pg.

The 3mg Starter Kit variation of this product is a great way to get started with making your own e liquid as everything you need is supplied. Simply follow the below steps, or read our blog which outlines how to make your own e liquid in 3 simple steps.

6mg Starter Kit – Frozen Mango e liquid uk 

The 6mg option is the same as the 3mg option but you get an extra 4 nic salt shots in order to bring the final strength to 6mg/ml. The nic salts make a smooth e liquid with no harsh throat hit.

MTL Starter Kit – Frozen Mango e liquid uk 

A great choice for those using pod vapes and MTL kits requiring a strong flavoured nic salt in high strength. This kit provides a final nicotine strength of 16mg/ml and a vg/pg ratio of close to 50/50 so it’s suited for lower powered vapes. 20 Nic salt shots are provided along with the Hackshot, simply decant all 20 nic salt shots into the Hackshot, mix and you’re ready to vape!

Use the Steam Engine E Liquid Calculator to figure out volumes/weights for mixing at your desired specification.

Pros and Cons of mixing your own Mango E Liquid 

Pros Cons
– Much cheaper then premade Mango E Liquid
– Requires some basic calculations to get it right
– Creates 250ml of Mango E Liquid in minutes
– Can be messy
– Produces much less waste than premade E liquid
– Not as convenient as premade Mango E liquid
– More environmentally friendly
Weight N/A

Flavour Profile

Steeping Time

Flavour Type


Koolada WS-23

Contains Koolada


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