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What is a Nic Salt E-Liquid?

Salt Nicotine is a type of liquid nicotine employed in various e-liquids. The Nicotine is derived from natural Tobacco leaves and mixed with an acid to reduce the overall PH and therefore provide a smoother throat hit when compared to more traditional freebase Nicotine. Nic Salts became popular around 2015 and have since become the main source of nicotine in all vape liquids.

Nic salts are more readily absorbed by the body than freebase nicotine, meaning you get your nic hit faster. Nic salts do this without compromising strength or the carriage of the flavour, so it’s really no wonder they’ve become so successful. Faster absorption by the body is useful as it means you can vape higher strengths without the harshness, particularly great for people looking to quit smoking as they will require higher strength nicotine. nic salt eliquid, pocket salts by drip hacks in inner boxes




How are Nic Salt E-Liquids made?

Nic slat E-liquids are created by adding an acid base like benzoic or lactic acid to normal freebase nicotine extracted from Tobacco leaves. Freebase Nicotine is alkaline making it quite harsh and sometimes unpleasant to vape, so the addition of these acids reduces the PH and increases the vaping sensation by alleviating the scratchy throat hit you get with freebase. Nic Salts are designed to help smokers quit through the use of a simple, compact pod style vape. These devices typically have lower power than high end mods and so a thinner liquid is required to function in the pod properly. This explains why most nic salt eliquids are 50/50 vg/pg, making them thinner and therefore more fit for use in pod style vapes with less power and smaller coils. MTL style pod kits tend to provide around 12 – 35W of power which is ideal for high strength nic salt ejuice.

With nic salt eliquids you’ll get a vaping experience more similar to that of smoking, just without a strong throat hit that most find unpleasant as with freebase nicotine. freebase vs nic salt pros and cons

Are Nic Salts better than freebase nicotine?

Nicotine salt e-liquids have a bunch of advantages over freebase nicotine but the main advantage is the smoothness and near lack of a throat hit at higher strengths. They’re also absorbed into the body more easily than freebase nicotine making them more suited for those looking to quit smoking. Use 20mg 50/50 vg/pg nic salts in a pod style vape like the Argus Z or the OXVA Xlim for a setup that will give you the best chance to quit by emulating the smoking sensation best. And the best thing about this is you’re still getting nicotine just without the carcinogens and all the other nasty chemicals found in tobacco smoke.