Vape Bottles

As DIY E-Liquid manufacturers and enthusiasts, we stock a range of Bottles required for mixing, decanting and storing all your E-Liquid. From 10ml Bottles up to 5L Bottles and syringes, we stock everything you need! 

  • £1.00

    5 Pack


    Clear Nozzles (5 Pack)

    24/410 Black Two-Piece Nozzles, fitting our 250ml bottles and Hackshots.

  • £0.45

    1 pack

    30ml Bottle & Cap

    30ml Bottle & Cap

    30ml Boston bottle & Child-proof Cap. Great for storing E-Liquid

  • £0.60

    1 Pack

    100ml Bottle & Cap

    100ml Bottle & Cap

    100ml Boston bottle & Child-proof Cap. Great for storing E-Liquid

  • £0.85

    1 pack

    1L Bottle & Cap

    1L Empty Bottle & Cap

    Large format E-liquid storage with Cap

  • £1.90

    5 pack

    10ml Bottles

    10ml Bottles & Nozzles (5 Pack)

    5 Pack of 10ml Dropper Bottles including nozzles and caps

  • £3.50

    5 Pack

    Bottles & Labels

    60ml Shortfill Bottles & Blank Label (5 Pack)

    5 Pack of 60ml Shortfill Bottles & Caps with Blank Labels

  • £0.55

    1 Pack


    Sterile Syringe

  • £0.30

    1 Pack


    Blank Label

    Blank Labels to identify your E-Liquid bottles

  • £4.90

    5 Pack

    250ml Bottles

    250ml Bottles & Nozzles (5 Pack)

    250ml Bottles with two-piece spout, 5 Pack. Great for mixing & storing.

  • £4.90

    10 Pack

    60ml Shortfills

    60ml Shortfill Bottles (10 Pack)

    10 Pack of Black 60ml Shortfill Bottles, Nozzles & Caps

Empty Vape Bottles

Essential items for anyone mixing their own E Liquid, after all, you’ve got to mix into something! Mixing E Liquid using concentrates or a One Shot is a worthwhile endeavour due to the substantial savings to be made, not to mention the customisations you can make with the addition of various additives. Empty Vape Bottles can be reused over and over making DIY E Liquid a greener option for vaping especially compared to disposable vapes like the Elf Bar 600 V2.

With a wide range of bottles available we cover all the essentials from pocket friendly formats such as the 10ml 5 pack all the way up to 250ml bottles for storing large quantities of your favourite vape juice.

Empty vape bottles are best used with child proof caps when stored in a household with children to ensure no accidental spills. Always check the cap used to close the bottle when storing E Liquid and keep it out of reach of children and pets. When in use, switch to a dispensing nozzle if applicable.

Our own custom Hackshot® cap is Childproof and encloses a nozzle for easy dispensing into even small refill holes such as those found on pod kits like the Oxva Xlim Pro. Sold in 5 packs, they fit our 250ml bottles or any bottle with a “24/410” threaded neck.

Convenient formats for practical E liquid storage

Not everyone wants to carry a full 250ml bottle with them wherever they go and for this reason we offer a few smaller bottles which can be used to carry E liquid when on the go. Shortfill bottles offer a great compromise on size whilst still holding enough to last a good few days, even for a high power sub-ohm kit.