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I have placed my order, but i haven't received any confirmation?

This can be due to numerous different factors. The first of all is, have you correctly entered your email address when signing up and making your order? This may seem silly, but don't forget it is easy to make a mistake! Secondly, have you received the emails but they've gone into your trash/spam folders in your email? And lastly, are you sure that your payment went through? Maybe you incorrectly put your bank details in? 

If you are still having issues, please contact us here.


My coils are burning through quickly, am i doing something wrong?

The Likely answer to this is no, you are not. Keep in mind that we sell a lot of sweet flavours which can have a tendency to burn your coils, we would suggest using rebuildable atomisers as this will be a cheaper alternative. We also have quite a few flavours that are easier on coils;

  • Blood Eagle
  • The One Who Knocks
  • Jotuns Wrath
  • Mojito
  • Mentol
  • Cryo Electric & Electric Non Cryo

If you have any further requests or questions, please send over an email.

I have put too much PG in my Hackshot, what do i do?

There really isn't a simple answer to this, and we would suggest that although you can change it if you would like. It also wont make too much difference, other than making your e-liquid thin. You could also decanter your Hackshot into two bottles add the relevant amount of concentrate need to make the total to 20%. then add VG.

For any further help, please contact us here and we will try to assist you further.


My E-liquid is a different colour, is this normal?

we used to add colouring to our Hackshot and have decided to stop. Colouring was purely for aesthetics and did not effect the taste, it is for this reason we decided it is not necessary to include it anymore. So don't worry, it is ok! But if you have further questions about recipes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, keep in mind that the liquid may change colour slightly when steeped for a long period or mixed with VG/PP. This is normal.

I am struggling to get into my bottle.

We have recently found that a lot of people are struggling to get into their bottles, please keep in mind that we use child proof caps and they are meant to be hard to open. Having said that we suggest running the caps under warm water, this will allow the cap to expand which should allow easier access. Another method would be to get a pair of grips or pliers (usually for the 5L's) as these can be very tough to open.

If you have any issues or if your product is damaged, please contact us ad we will assist you further.