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Almonds are one of natures best weapons to keep healthy providing plenty of great little boosts to your system and are enjoyed around the world as a lovely little snack.  Given how popular almonds are, it turns out it makes a lovely flavour inside many E-Liquid concentrates.  Whether it is adding a nice nutty texture to a complex recipe or as a nice direct flavour, Almond flavoured E-Liquids are rather unique in their profiles.  Almond flavoured E-Liquids add a little dry nutty taste to many dessert flavours or add a little kick in an otherwise sweet recipe.

If you are after something a little different ingredient to your mixes or want to try something new, almond flavoured E-Juices are idea for something out the ordinary.    The drier texture can counter balance very creamy flavours and some of the best dessert flavours can really benefit from the nutty kick that almond provides.  Almond really shines through with higher PG mixes in MTL tanks but a nice complex dessert will make the almond pop in a sub ohm tank.




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