Blackberry crumble is one of this country’s most beloved tea time treats to round off a lovely Sunday at home. Whether it is introducing your family to the basic wonders that the simple blackberry can provide or perhaps it is mums home cooked crumble, the blackberry crumble is both delicious and mouth watering. When the blackberry crumble is combined with fruits such as apple, then the flavour can really come alive. It can bring back memories of childhood or serve as a reminder of where the heart is.

Blackberry crumble flavoured E-juices are packed full of flavour with the juicy blackberry shining through on a bed of biscuity base and sprinkles of brown sugar. One of the most popular recipes for a blackberry crumble flavoured E-liquid combine the fruits of the forest with touches of apple, pear and lemon complimenting this profile wonderfully well. Perhaps you want to add a touch of Blackberry flavoured concentrate into your fruity mixes to add a desserty underbelly, it can turn your E-liquid from a dull to a satisfying flavour. It can sit nice on the coils in any set up you have, feel free to get creative and see what wonderful concoctions you can combine with blackberry crumble.

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