Butter is a staple of many a food dish around the world and can be found in almost anything these days. Whether used as an ingredient, a flavour in food such as popcorn or even as simply a spread on your toast, butter is arguably one of the most versatile food substances out there. The dairy product is rich and flavourful and can enrich anything from a cake to a meal. It can be found all around the world and chances are you have some in your fridge right now. There isn;t much more you can say about butter other than too much of a good thing is bad for you.

Butter flavoured E-juices can be found in any dessert flavour with most relying on even a touch to really amplify their flavour. Both strong and rich, butter flavoured E-juices can be found in anything from cookie to cake, crumble to doughnuts. In fact without a butter flavoured concentrate added to many of these flavours they will be as dry and flat as any cake baked without it. Just as important it is to cooking, butter flavoured concentrates are vital to bringing a dessert to life and therefore is a must have for any budding mixers. Due to its richness, only a small amount will suffice but a touch of butter can really make your recipe pop into life. Due to its supporting role, butter flavoured E-liquids will vape fine in any vape set up, with the higher wattages bringing out the subtle flavour it provides.


LMP 60ml Shortfill


Lemon Meringue Pie flavour vape juice.