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Cake is one of the most well known desserts in all the world today, it has been for hundreds of years. The basic flour/milk/egg combination can be enhanced or tweaked in many different ways and the end results can be truly breathtaking (or mouthwatering). Cake by itself can range in a multitude of different flavours and styles, combining other ingredients to make something that has been beloved by people throughout history. Whether it be the ancient Egyptians or medieval bakers, cake has existed all through history and it is a true testament that it still remains popular today.

Cake flavoured E-juices are often complex and a little bit special due to the sheer potential you have when using it. Whether it be sweet, fruity or savoury, cake is an ideal base flavour to build something truly great from. Cake flavoured E-liquids are found all through the dessert sections with the cake flavour adding body to nay recipe. As cake is so versatile as an ingredient, even combining it with other flavours such as butter and cream and give you a wonderful starting point for anything you want to experience or create. A cake flavoured concentrate is light yet prominent by itself so it is used as a base flavour for dessert recipes to really give you a taste sensation. As it is light in flavour, cake is ideal on any sort of set up, however the flavour will only come through once you start to get creative with how you use it.


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