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Candy is an American term for a whole host of different products that are found in any local shop near you. A real treat for both young and old, candy has been around for thousands of years in many different versions in that time. Whether it be a small treat or a giant overblown gummy worm, candy can come in many shapes, colours and flavours and there is bound to be one you call your favourite. Ideal for the sweet toothed among us, candy is hugely popular around the world and there is no surprise to see why. You can get some weird and wonderful creations depending on where you are but the overly sweet or sour flavours can be enjoyed no matter what.

Candy flavoured E-juices are often overly sweet and blended with other flavours to offer you a rather different experience than what you were expecting. Whether they are replicating real life candy or trying to offer a unique fruity flavour, Candy flavoured E-liquids are extremely popular in vaping. There can be potentially many different possibilities, especially when you start to play around with the tone and texture of your recipe. You can add sweetness, fruit or sour to a candy flavoured E-liquid to offer something different each time, yet make it just as enjoyable. Candy flavoured concentrates are best used sparingly and in recipes due to the strong sweet flavour they bring. Too much candy flavour and coils can start to struggle so it is always best to use this flavour in moderation.

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