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Cereal for many is the most important meal of the da, setting their day off right. It is enjoyed all around the world for decades and yet there is so much variety of cereal that most of us can’t even imagine what is out there. From your plain cornflakes to the extravagant cookie/chocolate bar variants, there is a cereal out there for everyone to enjoy with a nice cold milk. Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, Cereal can be the ideal start to your day or just be a nice cold tasty snack when you feel like it. Made from many different sources including oats, corn, wheat or rice everyone is bound to have a box in their kitchen.

Cereal flavoured E-juices carry through the basic cereal flavour and add the milk and other little notes to create a wonderful blend reminiscent of your morning routine. They can be creamy or cold, fruity or savoury. Cereal flavoured E-liquids are one of the more popular flavours on the market today just because of how different they can be compared to the rest. They are light and sweet, or creamy and plain, just like the real thing you have plenty of choice out there. Cereal flavoured concentrates are perfect for building recipes that amount to so much more. By itself, cereal can be pretty tasteless and boring but once you start adding sweet, fruit or cream flavours to it, you get something far better. They are great on the coils, you can enjoy a cereal flavoured E-liquid in any setup you wish to vape on.

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