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The cheesecake is one of the most diverse desserts out there with the amount of different styles there are. What started as simple as its namesake, the cheesecake is found everywhere now and even carries its own local recipes. The simple cream, cream cheese and biscuit base has evolved into so much more with every supermarket, restaurant and wannabe baker having crazier designs and flavours. Cheesecake has been around for at least 2000 years, dating all the way back to Greece and Roman times in its various forms. Now found in a freezer at home, the cheesecake has a pretty plain base but most now offer luxury designs from chocolate to fruit and many more in-between. Enjoyed cold, the simple cheesecake is a sure favourite on the dessert menu.

Cheesecake flavoured E-juices can range from a very simple flavour to very complex recipes that pop with intricate notes of sweet and savoury. It is a very popular dessert base and there are many E-liquids out there that will utilise its potential. Cheesecake flavoured concentrates are ideal for a base for many other recipes with its creamy and biscuity base providing a platform for its fellow flavours to really pop and shine. Cheesecake flavoured E-liquids are great on coils by themselves, with only the sweetest of cheesecake flavours making coils struggle. Better suited for higher powered vapes, perhaps a cheesecake flavoured E-juice is exactly the flavour explosion you just haven’t tried yet.

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