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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Cookies are one of the most famous biscuits around the world and its popularity comes from its simplistic nature compared to your boring alternatives. Cookies are a biscuit loaded with chocolate chips or nuts and can come in large or small varieties. They are sweet and can be soft or firm, served warm or cold and even its dough is a popular treat when eaten raw. They were invented in America back in 1937 and since then we have seen the simple cookie take on a life of its own and become a symbol of American culture ever since. Since then we have seen cookies come in all shapes and sizes with some famous brands ditching the conventional design for something more unique, still maintaining that fun enjoyable factor.

Cookie flavoured E-juices are lovely dessert type vapes that can come loaded with plenty of little notes of flavour and tones within it based on the creator. Whether they are simple designs with chocolate added or combined with nuts, toffee or even fruits, a cookie flavoured E-liquid is a wonderful experience. You can even get creative with this one as it will blend well into ice cream for example to give a more thorough profile than by itself. Cookie flavoured concentrates are wonderful basis for building your own recipes, with the simple flavour a little plain by itself but it has plenty of room to grow. They are wonderful in sub ohm vaping, bringing all the flavour profiles out, whereas MTL vapers may find a more plain experience.

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