Crumble has become over the decades one of the most British desserts ever, taking the pie and breaking it down into a medley of fruit and rather different crumble style base. Crumble is made from a mixture of sugar, butter and flour to create a light yet enjoyable base for any dessert. The best thing about crumble is that it is so easy to make and it goes well with almost any sweet fruit including apple, rhubarb and even berries. You can make a crumble into a savoury dish and swap sugar for cheese but it is in the dessert aisle that you are most likely to find this. It can be cut with a variety of different flavour notes depending on home baking , making crumble one of the most unique style of desserts out there.

A crumble flavoured E-juice is known for its cocktail of different flavours and notes, giving a very basic fruit or sweet flavour a whole host of complexions. It can be treated as plain or lined with notes of spice and creams, paired off with fruits and custards to give a really complex flavour profile. Crumble flavoured E-liquids are fantastic when paired with berries such as blackberries and the notes of other dessert flavours can amplify a crumble flavour into something far more. Using crumble flavoured concentrates is a perfect base for any budding recipe maker to experiment with and really create something different compared to everything else. Crumble is fine on coils and pretty tasteless by itself so be sure to add your flavours to really make this one shine.

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