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Dark fruits have become really popular in recent times thanks to the introduction of popular cider ranges changing what was considered the normal for them. Dark fruits themselves are a mixture of many dark skinned fruits that range from blackcurrant, blackberry, plum, grape and more, all complimenting each other wonderfully. Dark fruits is a pretty generic term as many of these fruits can be found in other drinks or desserts without being labelled as such. The mixture of dark fruits make an ideal fruit mix with the different sweet and sour notes in each fruit and the range of choice make up some wonderful flavours.

Dark fruit flavoured E-juices are strong and potent in flavour with a combination of different notes and tones to create a wonderful range of profiles. Some of the most popular dark fruits combined include blackcurrant with grapes, blackberry and blueberry. Many dark fruit flavoured E-liquids are used as a stand alone flavour or mixed with desserts or cider style flavours to give a complex mix of fruits that taste like no other. Dark fruit flavoured concentrates can be vaped as a stand alone or combined with others depending on how experimental you want to get. Dark fruit E-liquids work wonderfully in any vaping set up and the mixture of different flavours can be enjoyed at any power level, with higher wattages popping more individual flavours.

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