Elderflower is somewhat of a modern day phenomenon despite its use for hundreds of years. Elderflower is exactly as the name implies, a flower that has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties has recently had a resurgence in many different beverages out on the market. The unique florally flavour is used by many different people to offer a light and refreshing take on standard flavours, mixing it with fruits to give an earthy yet nature esq flavour to many different drinks. Despite its lack of healing properties in a soft drink, the elderflower remains a very popular component in many home remedies designed to boost the immune system.

Elderflower flavoured E-juices are rather unique in their profile due to the properties of the elderflower mixed with other fruit. Similar to blueberry, elderflower can give a fruit mix a light and florally taste especially on the exhale turning many light fruits into a whole new experience. Elderflower flavoured E-liquids are light and refreshing, never overbearing and a fresh take on standard flavours out there. Never mixed with deeper flavours due to the overpowering aspect of dark fruits for example, expect to find elderflower mixed with light and citrus flavours. Elderflower flavoured concentrates are great for adding something different to your mixes, be sure to not use too much otherwise it will be a very florally experience.

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