Fruit salad is a generic term for many different areas that fruit is used in, all wonderfully tasting. Fruit salad can relate to either the sweet or the real thing, both memorable in their own right. Fruit salad sweets are a firm favourite in the UK for decades now, a combination of sweet flavoured fruits packed into a tiny little wrapped treat. Fruit salads as a dessert are a wonderful mix if different textures and flavours both fresh and juicy. It is in this fruit salad that the less is more when it comes to creativity, simply throw a load of fruit into a bowl and if required add a little bit of cream for a delicious treat. Enjoyed in warmer climates, the fruit salad has made its way everywhere due to the simplicity yet enjoyable taste.

Fruit sald E-juices are known for their medley of different flavours and overall sweetness so this one is certainly for the sweet vape juice fans. Fruit salad flavoured E-liquids can combine a whole whost of different fruit flavours from apple, banana and cherry to even kiwi and mango. There is no one answer to what it can taste like, and therefore creativity can be amazing. You may find the flavour to be more akin to the childhood treat and be overly sweet with distinct tart fruit flavours, it really is an open ended flavour profile. Fruit salad flavoured concentrates are great as a stand alone flavour so they are a pretty much vape and go style of concentrate.

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