Ginger is both one of the most popular medicinal items in the world and one of the more unique flavours in food and drink. Ginger has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties with civilisations all over the world using it for its healing powers. The root plant has a very distinct flavour, that can be used to flavour meals or add a very different flavour to your drinks. There is even a soft drink that has been popular for decades made from ginger, such is its fame. It isn’t without deterers however, with the strong and overpowering taste a turn off for many people. Ginger is one of the most famous plants consumed in our history and many people will have a jar of this at home for many different uses.

Ginger flavoured E-juices will be very specific in flavour profiles due to the overwhelming nature of ginger itself. It can be used in a mix for a very nice note underneath or mixed stronger to offer a very specific flavour when combined with a gin or fruit profile. Ginger flavoured E-liquids will be love or hate experiences, with some of the best ginger flavours out there capturing the experience perfectly. Ginger flavoured concentrates are great in small amounts due to the sheer strength of flavour they possess. If you are a fan of ginger then a small amount when mixed in a beverage or with a fruit will go a long way. Ginger in small doses is great in any vaping set up, too much and it may weigh heavy.


Ginger flavour vape juice concentrate by The Flavour Smiths.