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Gingerbread is a very popular biscuit style treat that has been beloved for hundreds of years. Whether you associate it with Hansel and Gretel or as a Seasonal treat, Gingerbread with its distinct flavour and characterisation has been a popular treat for kids and adults alike. A biscuit mixed with ginger honey and molasses, it can be in different forms but the flavour is undeniably special. One of the most fictional characters in children fairy tales is the gingerbread man as such is the iconic portrayal of gingerbread. A simple treat, gingerbread remains to be widely available around the western world.

Gingerbread flavoured E-juices are very different in flavour from their ginger counterparts and often found mixed with other profiles to give a wonderful flavour. Seasonal flavours such as gingerbread latte or dessert based with cream and notes of spices make Gingerbread flavoured E-liquids something different entirely. It can blend well with any other dessert flavours and sweet profiles. It has gained popularity in recent years with the Christmas flavours released but gingerbread flavours can be vaped all year round. Gingerbread flavoured concentrates are a great flavour to experiment with and due to the overall lack of sweetness in the flavour, means mixing with sweeter flavours not an issue. Gingerbread flavoured E-liquids are great on any vaping set up and the bolder the gingerbread flavour is, the more enjoyable it will be.


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